God Is With Us
Terror in Burkina Faso: 'No creed can justify violence'
Mourning in Barcelona
Research project honors the martyrs of El Salvador
Iraqi Christians are racing against time
In Nigeria, deadly violence hits faithful at Mass
Help for those orphaned and widowed by Boko Haram in Nigeria
On Iraq's Nineveh Plains, a Christian village is coming back to life
Catholic schools are pillar of the Church in Sudan
In Bangladesh, Church stands up for ethnic minorities
In Aleppo, the dead await final resting place
Prelate reclaims his Archdiocese of Mosul
Rowing against the current in Damascus
Support the Formation of 16 Young Novices in Ukraine
Help Holy Spirit Fathers with their Pastoral Work in an Underdeveloped Region of Ethiopia
Pastoral care for Poor Christian Couples and Families in Pakistan
Support 38 Religious Sisters Serving the Poorest of the Poor in Argentina
ACN funds slate of new projects to help Christians in Syria
Another priest is murdered in Mexico
'We have lost an advocate on earth, but gained one in Heaven'
Mali: 'To secure peace we must start with our own family.'
In Aleppo, Syria, a tentative sense of peace
Aid to the Church in Need gives thanks for record year of donations
Construct a New Chapel in India
Help for the Training of 15 Seminarians of the Mercedarian Order in Guatemala
In Mosul, another offense against humanity
Nineveh Christians are returning home to rebuild a life
A Car for the Only Bishop in Nepal
Support for the Life and Pastoral Apostolate of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus Word and Victim in Cuba
A Pilgrimage to Fatima for 15 Young Russian Catholics
Sponsor the Training of Future Priests in Madagascar
Bicycles for 30 Catechists in Ethiopia
On the Nineveh plains, priests become builders
Missing nearly three years, Iraqi Christian girl escapes ISIS grasp
Sudan Archbishop: 'We must evangelize the culture'
In Aleppo, a careful return of Christians
Philippine bishop reports on jihadist siege of Marawi City
In Marawi City, Filippino Muslims shelter Christians from jihadist militants
Ukraine's Cardinal Husar: 'Death has not extinguished his voice'
Iraq: 'We want to rebuild our convent and return home'
Philippines: abducted Christians used as 'bargaining chips'
Philippines: abducted Christians used as 'bargaining chips'
Catholic aid official calls for 'urgent, comprehensive' protection of Egyptian Christians
China's communists 'are afraid of Our Lady of Fatima'
Iraq: 'Many Christians hope to return to their homes'
Catholic priest stabbed in Mexico Cathedral
Extend a Retreat Center in Belarus
A Chapel for a Parish in Argentina
Help for the Training of 46 Seminarians in Ecuador
Convert a Building into a Monastery in the Czech Republic
Two Classrooms for Catechetical Instruction in Togo
Construct a Church for a Parish in the Philippines where Christians are a Minority
Build a Center for the Care and Formation of Priests in Sudan
Cardinal sounds alarm in Venezuela
Consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima, Aid to the Church in Need turns 70
Post-ISIS rebuilding begins on Nineveh plain, Iraq's ancient Christian heartland
A House for the Sacred Heart Fathers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Nigerian bishop suspects government-level support of new wave of Islamist terror
Remains of abducted Syrian Christians are finally laid to rest
A Minibus for a Catholic Parish in Egypt
Help for the Wounded and for Families of the Victims of the Terror Attack in Pakistan
Help Expand a Convent in Lithuania with an Evangelization Center for Young People
A Boat for Pastoral Work in the Amazon Region of Brazil
Expand Pastoral Outreach for a Parish in the Amazon Rainforest in Peru
Arson attack on cathedral compound frightens Nepal's Catholics
Food Aid for 1,500 Refugee Families in Syria
The North American College Runs for Erbil, Iraq
Priest was ISIS captive: 'I am journeying towards freedom'
Pope Francis in Egypt: 'Re-knitting the ties with Islam'
The missionary vocation of the Church in Africa
10,000 Child's Bibles for Indigenous Faithful in Brazil
Support for the Life and Ministry of Religious Sisters and Deacons in Venezuela
This year, Christians in Aleppo will great Easter with joy
Violence convulses DRC, targets the Church
Christ's bounty in Damascus
Pray for Egypt's Christians!
In Niger, witnessing Christ's love to Muslims
Witness to the persecution of Christians in North Korea
Cardinal lived life under the sign of the cross
Iraq: ISIS gravely damaged 12,000-plus Christian homes on the Nineveh Plain
On the Nineveh Plain, Churches unite to rebuild Christian homes
Help for the Formation of 49 Young Basilan Brothers in Ukraine
A Vehicle for a Remote Parish in the Mountains of Malawi
Poor Clare Sisters in Bosnia and Herzegovina Thank You for Your Support
Six Motorcycles so that Priests can Reach Scattered Catholic Faithful in Bangladesh
Support the Training of Seminarians in South Sudan
Help for the Formation of 22 Novices and Seminarians in India
ACN delegation surveys state of Islamist terror in Nigeria
Haiti: Church is keeper of 'soul and hope of the nation'
In India's Odisha State, 'there is still fear in the heart of Christians'
In Czech Republic, a pillar of the persecuted Church
Provide Housing for Sick, Frail and Elderly Religious Sisters in Slovakia
Aid to the Church in Need focuses on Africa with Lent & Easter campaign
In Syria, the absurdity, cruelty of war continue
Nigeria: a call for healing a 'distorted, bloodied and corrupted society'
One year after earthquake in Ecuador: 'Don't forget us!
Despite drop in violence, Syria continues to suffer
In DRC, bishops sound the alarm
A Lent of tears
In Central African Republic, a cardinal visits his long-suffering flock
Christmas Presents for Poor Children in Crimea
A Chapel for a Parish in Cuba
Mass Stipends for Priests Teaching at a Seminary in Ecuador
Support the Training of 26 Seminarians in Belarus
Provide Housing to Accommodate Frail and Elderly Carmelite Sisters in the Philippines
Help Expand a Seminary in Guinea
A New Well for Carmelite Sisters in the Democratic Republic of Congo
South Sudan's bishops cry out for aid, protection for civilians
In DRC, an upsurge of violence against the Church
Water brings new life for contemplative nuns in DRC
In Russia, Orthodox and Catholics are 'saving unborn children together'
In Paraguay, women religious work where priests can rarely visit
A 'Marshall Plan' for Iraq: rebuilding Christian villages on the Nineveh plains
Solar Heating for Benedictine Sisters in Ukraine
A Sturdy Vehicle for a Parish in Tanzania
A Minibus for a Formation House for Future Priests in Brazil
Support for Religious Sisters in Paraguay
Build a Multipurpose Hall for a Parish in India
Support the Training of Seminarians in Uganda
Help a Church Emergency Feeding Program for Syrian Refugees and Needy People in Lebanon
Help for the Training of 19 Seminarians in Latvia
In South Sudan, survival is daily struggle for ordinary citizens
Christians assess the damage on Iraq's Nineveh plain, ravaged by ISIS
The Church in India--a shining light for all to see
Mother & son survived two years under the thumb of the Islamic State
'Pakistan's Christians are champions of mercy'
In northern Iraq, Christmas joy is tempered by concerns
A Christmas letter from Aleppo
Egypt's Christians hover between fear and trust in God
In Nigeria, Fulani herdsmen are new Islamist terror threat to Christians
Celebrating the Consecration of a Newly Enlarged and Renovated Parish Church in Central African Republic
Fund Construction of a Parish Center in Serbia
Support Religious Sisters Caring for the Poor and Elderly in Peru and Bolivia
Help Provide a Seminary in Pakistan with Security Measures Against Terrorist Attacks
Sponsor the Training of Seminarians in Bolivia
Build a Chapel in One of the Remotest Regions of Ethiopia
Provide Mass stipends for 25 Priests in the Philippines
The importance of (Russian) Orthodox & Catholic collaboration
Aleppo is burning--three days in the life of a city under siege
ISIS may be on the run, but Iraqi Christians 'are still afraid'
EU politicians Skype with children in Aleppo
On the Nineveh Plain, German ISIS fighters left their mark
New Parish House Built in Bangladesh
A New Vehicle for Pastoral Work in Malawi
The Philippines--a Catholic oasis in Asia
Support the Apostolate of Five Franciscan Sisters in Bulgaria
Rebuild a Parish House Destroyed by an Earthquake in Chile
Help 12,000 Refugee Families in Iraq for 6 Months
Emergency aid for family members and victims following a suicide attack by Boko Haram in Cameroon
Sponsor the Formation of 28 Seminarians in Brazil
'Eritrea hungers for God'
Iraqi Church leader offers Mass of thanksgiving for donors in the West
Report warns of global rise of religious 'hyper-extremism'
Iraq's displaced Christians 'will go back home,' but not before their safety is assured
Three years after Cyclone Yolanda, Philippine dioceses regain their footing
Boko Haram terror in Cameroon: 'We are still alive because we were in church.'
Mass stipends for Priests of the Little Flower Congregation in India
24 Religious Sisters in Mexico Thank You for Your Support
Repair a Convent for Poor Clares in Ecuador
Support for a Catholic Pregnancy Care Center for Girls and Single Mothers in Burkina Faso
A Sturdy Vehicle for Holy Cross Sisters in Nepal
A New Roof for the Church of Our Lady of Consolation in Zambia
A Chapel and a Presbytery for a Catholic Parish in Russia
Iraqi archbishop remains firm and hopeful: 'there will always be Christians in Iraq!'
Albanian Church honors its martyrs: stories of gruesome deaths
With just one place to worship, Somalia is a dangerous place for Christians
Iraqi Christians rejoice over liberation of Qaraqosh
In Brazil, the Word of God prevented bloodshed
Syria: 'our world needs a revolution against violence'
Syria: Church leaders bring children's call for peace to European leaders
The 2016 Poverello Medal goes to Aid to the Church in Need
Syria: More than one million children sign appeal for peace
Reporting from the frontlines in Syria
The Brothers of St. Albert Thank You for Help in Renovating their Monastery in Ukraine
Help for the Training of Orthodox Seminarians in Russia
Fund the Building of Two Village Chapels in Bolivia
Solar panels for a Catholic Home for Poor and Elderly in Sri Lanka
Support the Renovation of a Convent for Poor Clares in Brazil
A Car for Pastoral Work in a Remote Parish Region in India
A Center for the Sisters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Ongoing Formation for Capuchin Missionary Priests in Ethiopia
The mystery of faith in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Iraqi Church eyes return to ancient homelands once ISIS is ousted from Mosul
ACN official praises Iraqi Christians' resilience
Syrian patriarch: 'stop extremists from entering Europe'
Fund a Three-year Training Course for Lay Pastoral Workers in a Marriage and Family Apostolate in the Philippines
A New Church for a Mission Parish in Kenya
Help for the Training of 45 Future Priests in Colombia
A Church-run Holiday Camp for 50 Armenian Catholic Children and Young People in Russia
A Homily for the Memorial of the Passion of St John the Baptist - August 29th
Saint Monica and the Child of her Tears
Sisters in Bosnia: 'We are there for the children that need us'
In Syria, Aid to the Church in Need steps up emergency aid for Aleppo, Tartus
Aleppo, Syria is 'a dark city'
Christian-Muslim relations have taken turn for worse in the Philippines
Islamic aggression takes different form in Nigeria
A cry for help from Carmelite nuns in Aleppo, Syria
World Youth Day 2016--Testimony from Syria
Heroic in Love
Victim of Boko Haram finds new life in IDP camp
World Youth Day 2016 pilgrim confronts addiction: 'The Gospel heals'
Help for Carmelite Sisters in Croatia
A Formation House for the Sisters of the Congregation of Martha and Mary in Guatemala
Kenya: Emergency Aid for Victims of Severe Flooding
Rebuild a Cathedral Extensively Damaged by the War in Syria
South Sudan: 'The worst is still to come'
Aid to the Church in Need sends 3,500 young people to World Youth Day 2016
Priest in Aleppo: situation is growing more hopeless
Syrian Christians fear persecution by ISIS in Lebanon as well
In Venezuela, 'the people are afraid'
Aid to the Church in Need books record year--focus remains on Middle East
Iraq: ISIS abandons a town, destruction remains
Church in Central African Republic aims to sustain the 'miracle of Pope Francis'
In Chile, Christian churches suffer arson attacks
In Armenia, the Pope will visit a very special convent
Help with the Traveling Costs for Priests in Siberia, Russia
A Car for Religious Sisters in Peru
Mopeds and Bicycles for a Pastoral Team in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Nigeria: the twin evils of corruption and Boko Haram
Construct a Chapel for a Relief and Rehabilitation Center in Ukraine
Fund the Supply of New Books for a Seminary Library in Brazil
Support a Pastoral Program in India to Mark the Holy Year of Mercy
Build a Pastoral Center in Lebanon
A Chapel for a New Parish in Chad
Pope calls faithful around the world to join ACN in 'Be God's Mercy' campaign
'Mother Teresa was the best missionary of the millennium'
Help Feed Iraqi Refugees in Lebanon
Build a New and Bigger Church for the Pilgrim Shrine of the Divine Child Jesus in Nicaragua
Thousands of children in Syria pray for peace
'Armenians, whether Catholic or Orthodox, love the Pope'
Pope meets Egypt's Grand Imam: 'the ice has been broken'
Pope invites children around the world to pray for peace in Syria
The Prayer of Anguish
In Malawi, Church eyes Islamic radicalization with concern
Bishop cries out as ISIS devastates Syrian towns
Renovation of a Carmelite Convent in Bolivia
Mass Stipends for 98 Priests in India
A Tale of Mercy in Rwanda
In Mali's north, the Church is but slowly rebuilding
Help for the Training of Seminarians in Bosnia and Herzegovina
A Vehicle for Pastoral Work in Cameroon
A Two-year Sunday School Program for Children in Armenia
5000 Child's Bibles in Urdu Needed in Pakistan
A Church for the Shrine of Our Lady in Savoigne in Senegal
Earthquake in Ecuador "We have no hands, no means to rebuild the country"
Jobs for Syrian Christians: 'Jesus was a carpenter--you can be one too'
Nigerian bishops ask their president for action on Christians' rights
Syria: 'Things were never so bad in Aleppo before.'
Nigerian bishop sees fresh hope about the fate of kidnapped Nigerian school girls
A Chicken Rearing Project for Nuns in Tanzania
Construction of the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Brazil
A Car for the Sisters of Saint Vincent in Colombia
Extend a Provincial House for Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará in Ukraine
Help for the Training of 111 Orthodox Seminarians in Russia
A Car for a National Catechists' Training Center in Pakistan
Support Pastoral Work in Two New Parishes in Ethiopia
Provide Electricity for 600 Christian Families in Syria
Ecuador: 'We celebrate the rites for the dead on the street every time another victim is found.'
Catholic-Orthodox delegation's Middle East visit is 'tangible' fruit of Pope Francis meeting Patriarch Kirill
Nuns in Angola: 'We hid in the bread oven to escape being killed by the bullets'
Patriarch takes 'painful' stock in ISIS-ravaged Syrian town
Syria: with ISIS ousted from their town, Christians are still wary of returning
For Christians in Aleppo, Syria, life remains a struggle
Training of Young Carmelite Friars Sponsored in Madagascar
A Car for a Parish in Pakistan
A Minibus for Pastoral Work in Bulgaria
Construct a Parish Center for Youth and Family Apostolate in Slovakia
A Convent for the Hermits of the Heart of Jesus in Venezuela
Furnish a Seminary Library in Peru
Support a Formation Program at a Pastoral Center in Bangladesh
Renovate and Extend a Parish Church in the Central African Republic
Condemning corruption & partisanship, Angolan Church cries foul
Pope reaches out to Pakistan bomb blast victims
Lahore prelate comforts victims of Pakistan terror attack
A prayer for a priest abducted by ISIS
Christians in Jerusalem 'identify more with Good Friday than with Easter'
ACN welcomes US State Department's charging ISIS with 'genocide' of Christians
Yemen: 'They passed out bread and received gunfire'
Saint Joseph: The Love of His Heart and the Work of His Hands
In Syria, hopes that 'ceasefire will be the beginning of the end of the war'
Villagers attack Church compound in Ethiopia
In northern Cameroon, 'everyone is afraid of suicide bombers'
The Missionaries of Faith in India Say Thank You for Their Car
Mass Stipends for Priests in Azerbaijan
Retreat days for priests in Nigeria faced with the constant threat of Boko Haram atrocities
A Chapel for the Little Sisters of the Lamb in Argentina
Build a Catechetical Center in Brazil
Fund the Training of Seminarians in Belarus
Enlarge a Parish Church in Benin
Letter from Aleppo : 'He was Just 13 years-old'
Jihadists suspected of cutting off water and electricity to hurt Aleppo populace
'The joint declaration of Pope and Patriarch embraces the entire world'
Pope Francis in Mexico tells Church not to 'rest on its laurels'
Patriarchs call for Lenten fast in support of Middle East Christians
Called to forgive: 'If we hate ISIS, then they have won'
Ethiopia: 'I've never seen a drought like this in my life before'
A Minibus for the One and Only Seminary in Sierra Leone
Provide a Choir Enclosure for a Carmelite Convent in Albania
An Embroidery Machine for Contemplative Sisters in Peru
Spare Parts for the Half-Century Old Cars of Priests in Cuba
Help Complete Renovation Work of the Roof of a Cathedral in Ukraine
Fund Prison Ministry in Pakistan
Support the Life and Ministry of Three Religious Sisters in Cameroon
Sponsor Retreat Days for Young People in Iraq
ISIS erases 'symbol of Christian presence in Iraq'
Jerusalem: 'We are praying for those who hate us'
In Bethlehem then and now, 'Jesus is the door to peace'
In the Philippines Christians worry about growing Islamic radicalism
Agency dispatches emergency aid to Ethiopia--more than 8 million people face famine
In Syria, food is 'the most deadly weapon of war'
Aid to the Church in Need announces new round of funding to aid Middle East Christians
In wake of bombings, Jesuit calls on Indonesian Muslims to fight Islamic terrorism
Extension and Renovation of a Village Chapel in Sri Lanka
Support the Life and Work of Religious Sisters in Bulgaria
A Car for Religious Sisters in Brazil
Converting a Private Home into a Chapel in Russia
A Solar Generator for a Parish in Haiti without Electricity
Emergency Aid for Victims of a Bomb Attack on a Church in Pakistan and for their Families
Help the Formation of Young Carmelite Brothers in the Central African Republic
Ten thousand Child's Bibles for Ethiopia
Christmas letters from the Middle East
In the Year of Mercy, Catholics in Middle East 'will pray for Daesh'
Now freed, Syrian priest recalls harrowing months as ISIS captive
In Baghdad's 'Camp Virgin Mary,' displaced Iraqi Christians get their own chapel
God's grace shines a light in Syria's darkness
Fund the Printing of Catechisms for School Children in Pakistan
Help Build a Social and Educational Center for the Indigenous Tsimané People of Bolivia
Support a Pro-life Counseling Center in Magadan, Russia
Bioethics center in Cuba flies below radar in imparting Christian values
A rarity in a Cuban suburb: a new church will be built
Targeted for elimination, Middle East Christians need rescue by the West, priest says
Imam joins Dominican friar in fight against Christian persecution in Pakistan
A Car for a Franciscan Missionary Seminary in Venezuela
Complete a Parish Center in Romania
Construction of a Church in Egypt
Provide shoes and winter clothing as a Christmas gift for the needy in Syria
In Bangladesh, missionary is recovering from terror attack
Emergency aid for refugees in the Central African Republic
Pope Francis in Uganda--honoring martyrs, firing up the faith
Aleppo's faithful ask: 'Where is God? Why did God forsake us? Why doesn't He end the war?'
Terror and violence convulse the Holy Land--Christians 'caught in the middle'
Lebanese archbishop sees Paris attacks as West's wake-up call on Syria
In Erbil, Kurdistan, Christian exodus continues, but those who remain are in better shape
South Sudan religious leaders cry out for help: 'People are dying as we speak'
20,000 Catechisms for Children and Young People in El Salvador
A Church for the Town of Lyubotyn in Ukraine
A Car for Pastoral Work in Ethiopia
Help Repair the Roof of a Convent for Discalced Carmelite Sisters in the Czech Republic
Warm Jackets for Refugee Children in Syria
Support the Religious Formation of the Apostles of the Good Shepherd and of the Queen of the Cenacle in Burundi
Our Eyes Look to the LORD our God (Ps 123:2)
Dedication of a New Church in India
How you helped 76 young people from the Amazon region in Ecuador take part in the National Youth Day in Manta
In Aleppo, Syria, the Church is rebuilding lives--quite literally
For Christians uprooted by ISIS there is fruitfulness in suffering
Kosovo's 'crypto-Catholics' are making their way back to the Church
For missionary in Brazil, his boat is a vital tool for evangelization
Egyptian bishop looks to parliamentary vote to speed up church construction approval process
Priest reveals Muslim, grateful for Church-provided aid, helped him escape ISIS
African Church is an expert in family issues
'My father is in heaven'--Egyptian martyrs get their own church at last
Central African Republic: thousands fleeing a new wave of violence--but Pope still due to visit
Pope Francis in Cuba: preaching 'the revolution of tenderness like Mary, Mother of Mercy'
Hindu radicals in Nepal 'warn all foreign Christian religious leaders to leave this country'
'You have be crazy about God to persevere' in Ukraine
An African "Queen of Hope" raises spirits
Human chain protects worshippers from Boko Haram attacks in Cameroon
In Central African Republic, Church works hard to restore sense of 'human dignity'
Vatican calls on UN Security Council for 'life-saving action' in Middle East
For the sake of Christians in the Middle East, a papal wake-up call
At UN, Pope Francis calls on international community for 'examination of conscience' about suffering of innocents
22 Bicycles for a Parish in Tanzania
10,000 Child's Bibles for East Timor
Mass Stipends for Priests Teaching at a Seminary in Uganda
Repair the Roof of a Children's Home run by Religious Sisters in Kazakhstan
Support the Life and Ministry of Eight Carmelite Nuns in Bosnia
Construct the Saint John Paul II Parish Church in Cuba
Letter from Aleppo: 20 years a bishop--fighting for his faithful to stay in Syria
Help for the Formation of 24 Seminarians in Brazil
Support the Training of 25 Young Religious Sisters in India
Setting Hearts Alight
Nigerian cardinal backs amnesty for Boko Haram fighters willing to renounce terror
Syrian prelate bemoans Christian exodus, blames international arms trade for prolonged conflict
Women have a special God-given role in protecting each generation against the evils of its time.
Holy Father Declares Women Protector of Peace
Jerusalem Patriarch condemns resumption of West Bank barrier construction
Influx of Muslim refugees worries Lebanese prelate, stirs bitter memories
ACN stays course helping Christians stay put in Syria
Jerusalem Carmelites live where Jesus once prayed
Patriarch pleads for halt to 'tsunami' of youth emigration from Syria
Completion of a Parish Center in Lebanon
Fund the Printing of Catechetical Books for the Central African Republic
Restore a Church and other Buildings Damaged or Destroyed by the War in Syria
Help Renovate a Chapel in Ukraine
Sierra Leone: an impoverished Church is coping with aftermath of Ebola epidemic
Syria has become the land of broken dreams
Church comes to aid of flood victims in Myanmar
In Peru, a missionary Church bears fruit
Pakistan Church is pursuing the path of love--even in the face of violence
ACN pledges new aid to Iraqi Christians--one year after their expulsion by ISIS
Church in Ukraine continues to fight dark legacy of Soviet times
In Burundi's crisis, the Church stands with the people
In the heart of Africa, a sudden upsurge of radical Islam
Lebanese Christians come to the aid of former enemies--Syrian Muslims
A Nigerian diocese continues to live in the shadow of Boko Haram--and life is cheap
ISIS abducts as many as 160 Syrian Christians: 'fear is growing'
Chaldean Patriarch marks anniversary of 'tragedy' of Mosul and Nineveh Plane
Remembering August 6, 2014--a day of sorrow, a 'day that God saved us'
Sad anniversary for women religious stranded in Kurdistan: 'We are living--but it's like living in a cage"
Melkite Patriarch faults West's Middle East policies, but says Syrian Church will survive
The Orthodox Metropolitan of Kemerovo, Russia, thanks ACN for supporting his seminarians
Mass Stipends for 20 Jesuit Priests in India
A Car for an Apostolic Prefecture in Mexico
A Presbytery for a New Parish in South Sudan
In shadow of war, Syrian Christians are trying to rebuild their lives
Syrian prelate: 'If you want to help us, help us stay in our homes'
Niger: 'They set fire to our churches, but our hearts are still ablaze with love for them.'
Repair a convent roof for Sisters of Mercy in Kazakhstan
Support for catechetical centers in Syria
Build a chapel for a school for visually and hearing-impaired children in Nigeria
Help for the training of priests in Ukraine
A solar electricity system for a parish without electric power in Haiti
A new chapel for a village in Cameroon
Dubious police work shows full civil rights remain elusive for Egypt's Christians
Eritrea severely restricts religious freedom
Armenian Christians still suffer consequences of genocide
Poverty, priest shortages, Christian hope form backdrop for Pope's Latin American journey
In wake of terror attack, Christians in Tunisia have reasons to remain hopeful
Jihadists in Syria kidnap another priest 'to cut off head of Christian community'
For Nigeria's Christians, Boko Haram is not the only threat
Religious in South Sudan: 'When we go out in the morning, we don't know if we'll come back alive in the evening'
Haitian bishop views 'human restoration' as Church's top priority
In Papua New Guinea, education is a brand new concept
'Islamic State in Palestine' threatens Christians in Jerusalem
A tireless pastor leaves the killing fields of Syria
A car for religious Sisters in a poor region of Northeast India
Solar panels for a mission boat in the Amazon region of Brazil
Mosul prelate calls for liberation of city, Nineveh Plain--or mass asylum in the West
In Egypt, nuns' work of mercy rebuilds troubled lives
Vatican Nuncio in Holy Land says dialogue is local Church's great 'challenge'
Bishops, Israeli leaders condemn arson attack on famed monastery
Syrian Patriarchs urge faithful to work with Muslim neighbors in struggle against extremism
Syrian Christians are caught in 'demonic conflict'
Catechetical programs and a people's mission in a parish in Haiti
A moped and 10 bicycles for pastoral work in a new parish in India
Emergency aid for the Archdiocese of Niamey, Niger, following attacks against Christians
Help equip a "little seminary" in Paraguay
A multipurpose hall to be used as a church by Catholics who fled Boko Haram in Cameroon
Days of recollection and encounter for Catholic priests in Pakistan
Help finish the building of the John Paul II youth pastoral center in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Complete a new parish center in Ukraine
Bosnian Church welcomes the Pope: 'Let us show the world how strong we are!'
Presumed dead, 'miracle girl' brings joy to quake-stricken Catholic parish in Nepal
In Ukraine, 'avoiding the prison of hatred within ourselves'
Nigerian prelate expresses confidence new president will succeed in fighting Boko Haram
One year after the fall of Mosul, Iraqi Christians remain in painful limbo
In another blasphemy case, Pakistan archbishop credits authorities with fast action to protect Christians
Abiding Presence
"Christian Persecutions in the Middle East: A 21st Century Tragedy," by George J. Marlin
Prayer, deep concern and high praise for abducted Syrian priest
For Syrian refugees, 'the solidarity of Lebanon is reaching its limits'
In Syria, a pastor comes home to comfort his flock
Report records Boko Haram's heavy toll in single Nigerian diocese
Jihadists in Syria kidnap another priest, signalling ISIS is on the move
In Aleppo, Syria, Christians 'are fearful like never before'
'Why should we leave our country? What have we done?'
'Canonizations give hope to Christians in the Holy Land'
Breathing Freely in the Spirit
Genocide? The Islamic State's Religious Cleansing Campaign
Syria's Christians have a special calling
Iraqi prelate considers options for recapture of Christian territories, homes
A Patriarch's lament: 'What will remain of Lebanon?'
Boko Haram is spreading terror in Cameroon--but world is not paying attention, bishop says
Iraq: 'We priests and nuns will be the last to leave'
ACN commits $2.8M in support for Syria's embattled Christians
Iraqi Christian refugees in Kurdistan: 'Many people are starting to hope again'
In loving salute to Armenians, Pope Francis marks 'first genocide of the 20th century'
How you are helping the youth apostolate in Argentina
Emergency Aid for Victims of Boko Haram in Nigeria
Books for the Formation of Vocations to a Carmelite Monastery in the Central African Republic
Construct a Church in Memory of Saint John Paul II in Russia
How you made possible the publication of a book of daily Bible readings in Pakistan
How you helped a priest with a car in Israel
Fund the Expansion of a Pastoral Center Ministering to Roma Children in Slovakia
Help Extend a Novice House for Religious Sisters in Brazil
Easter weekend attack targets Christian quarter in Aleppo, Syria
Bishop describes 'a very, very frightening scene' in Nepal
Boko Haram suffers setback, refugees return home
Prayers for the Persecuted Christians and Church in the World
Our New Life is Born in the Empty Tomb
In Kenya, 'terrorists live among us'
In Syria, can Christians, Muslims rekindle the 'Dialogue of Life?'
To leave or not to leave Iraq: Easter joy is clouded by doubt
In the Central African Republic, a narrow escape from death, signs of healing
The 'Martyrs are Children of Resurrection and Life'--Easter 2015
Along with their ancient Syrian city, Christians of Homs are coming back to life--but ISIS looms
Churches in Ukraine confront fearsome suffering
Cuban Church enters new era
Serbian Catholics are joining exodus from a country still in tatters
Patriarch calls on UN Security Council for urgent, comprehensive action to help, protect Christian refugees
As Iraq fights back against ISIS, a call for the protection of Christians, other vulnerable communities
For war-torn, still fragile Central African Republic, papal visit will be 'gift from God'
A Church to Commemorate Victims of Violence in Colombia
Following in His Footprints
Support Contemplative Augustinian Sisters in Mexico
Help for a Seminary in Russia
A New Church for an Apostolic Vicariate in Ethiopia
A Car for Missionary Sisters in Lebanon
Renovate a Carmelite Convent in Kazakhstan
A Church for a Diocese in Pakistan
'You can die any number of ways in Damascus'
A Vehicle for Saint Anthony's Seminary in Tanzania
In wake of ISIS atrocity, sadness and optimism mingle for Egypt's Christians
Congo prelate condemns priest's murder as 'abominable, abhorrent and infernal act'
Pakistan archbishop blames authorities for security failure in deadly bomb attacks on two churches
In India, government assurances and persecution of Christians go hand-in-hand
ISIS suffers military setback, still holds 220-plus Assyrian Christians captive
The Gift is not Like the Trespass
'Seven swords that pierce our Lady's heart' in Myanmar
This Lent, the spiritual stakes are particularly high in Nigeria
In Ukraine, 'people are praying and weeping--because they feel utterly helpless'
Ukrainian Catholic Church responds to country's crisis
Syria: 'The Christians want to stay'--local Church scrambles to find a way
Ebola crisis has eased but for priest in Sierra Leone sorrowful memories remain
Two Village Chapels for a Parish in India
Help to Renovate a Building for the Franciscan Fathers in Turkey
Repair a Vehicle for a Diocese in the Central African Republic Following Rebel Attacks
A Novice House for a New Congregation of Religious Sisters in Nigeria
New Doors and Windows for a School in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Help for the Care and Medical Treatment of 20 Elderly Religious Sisters in Slovakia
You Have Prepared a Table Before Me
A Vehicle for a Farm of Hope in Guatemala
'If you want to kill us for our faith then we are prepared to die here and now'
The Church encounters Islam in Indonesia--and good things happen
Against backdrop of ISIS horror, Egyptian Catholic Copts consecrate first-ever church in Sinai
In run-up to tense presidential vote, Nigerian bishop slams government corruption
Iraqi bishop: 'We are hated because we persist in wanting to exist as Christians'
"Someone must begin: Let it be us!"
Child's Bibles and Rosary Booklets for Children in Carúpano
Rebuilding after Typhoon Haiyan A new church for a parish in the Philippines
Support for 31 Priests Expelled from Mosul, Iraq
An Archdiocese in Liberia says "Thank you!" for Help in Purchasing a Vehicle for Pastoral Work
Support seminarians training for the priesthood in Tanzania
Support for 91 religious Sisters in Argentina
US senators call for greater protection of Christians, minorities in Iraq
Missionary: Boko Haram behind attacks on churches in Niger
Jesuit laments car bomb attack in Homs, Syria: 'young people were deliberately targeted'
Not by bread alone not even in times of crisis: 23,000 Child's Bibles for Ukraine
The Carmelite Sisters say thank you for the food and medicine in Colombia
Fund Religious Sisters Caring for the Elderly in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay
Help make God's Word accessible to children in South Sudan
Emergency help for the winter, and Christmas gifts for Iraqi and Syrian refugees
Citing turning tide for country's Christians, papal envoy says 'Pope Francis is expected in Iraq'
Nigerian prelate calls for Western military intervention to defeat Boko Haram
Chaldean leader calls for 'dismantling' of ideology that justifies Islamist violence
Suffering in Sierra Leone, hard-hit by Ebola, reminds bishop of civil war years
Nigeria goes to the polls amidst fears of Muslim-Christian conflict
In Kurdish Iraq, fading fear and new beginnings for exiled sisters and priests
Joy of papal visit, promise of democracy lift spirits in Sri Lanka
Among Christian refugees in Kurdistan, 'no one is angry at God'
In Jordan, Church struggles to accommodate refugees, shield youth from lure of extremism
Pope Francis cites 'enormous responsibility' of Christians in the Middle East
Peru: "It has become dangerous even to remain inside the church" Renovation of the Parish Church of the Immaculate Co
Renovation of the Benedictine convent in Digos, Davao, Philippines
Syria: A well for the old people's home run by the Vincentian Sisters "Our survival is at stake"
Honduras: Provide Religious Sisters with the Basics of Life
Democratic Republic of Congo: Help for the training of 74 seminarians amid the dangers of life in Bukavu.
Kenya: "We can only celebrate Mass here once every three months" A car for pastoral work in the Catholic Parish of Mb
Ukraine: Supported in their ministry and free to minister to the sick and to refugees.
Iraq: Teaching the Faith, even in time of war a program for 20 parishes in Baghdad
In Serbia, Catholics and Orthodox gently engage in vital dialogue
St Teresa of Jesus
From Syria, a Christmas letter from the front lines
Chaldean Patriarch insists 'the security of the Pope in Iraq can be guaranteed'
'The Taliban will stop at nothing now,' Pakistan prelate says
The reign of terror of Boko Haram: eyewitness accounts
Central African Republic: Catholics reach out to former deadly enemies
Against all odds, Christmas cheer for the homeless children of Iraq
Poverty is biggest enemy of the Church in Zimbabwe
For Roman Catholics in Ukraine, winds of war and ghosts of a violent past
The Pope in Turkey: benefits and limits of dialogue
Syriac Catholic Patriarch: West ignores Iraq's Christians because they represent no economic interests
Sri Lanka's Church--about to welcome Pope Francis--offers roadmap for lasting peace
Bloody mix of faith and politics in Holy Land
In Pakistan, 'living the faith is a new challenge every day'
Chinese regime said to intensify persecution of Christians
In Nigeria, Boko Haram is sowing the seeds of death and destruction
Chaldean leader condemns Muslims' failure to counteract ISIS
In Turkey, Pope found a country that is not welcoming for Christians--as residents or refugees
ACN helps Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan
Devastated Christian community in Kandhamal, India still awaits justice--but faith flourishes
In Belarus, ghost of Soviet era is very much alive
Along with its people, Philippine Church is still recovering from typhoon Haiyan
Along with its people, Philippine Church is still recovering from typhoon Haiyan
Middle East: 'the extremists must be isolated'
'The worst crime in the history of Pakistan committed in the name of religion'
Nigerian bishop comforts his people: 'terrorism will certainly disappear from our environment'
Religious Freedom in the World Report 2014 - Lack of Religious Liberty in Majority of Nations
Tunisia: Christians enjoy relative freedom in Muslim country
Iraqi refugees in Kurdistan--'their tears have run dry'
Ukrainians vote for real change--but a nation is deeply scarred
Worst-hit Nigerian diocese is reeling from Boko Haram attacks--bishop blasts government
As ISIS approached, a seminarian took the Blessed Sacrament from the church and fled
Egypt: Christians feel much safer but jihadism looms
ACN aid for Iraq
Support for 52 Elderly and Sick Religious Sisters in Ukraine
The Angels of Oruro Helping the Poorest Families in Bolivia
A Program for Family and Laity in India
Fund the Education of Young People in Madagascar
Help Religious Sisters in Brazil
Support Educational Programs for Families in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
The Beatitudes Form Christ Within Us
In Kurdish Iraq, Christian refugees are preparing for winter
'The Christian minority in India is under serious threat'
Christians struggle to rebuild their lives in Syria
Bishop in Bosnia-Herzegovina: instability plays into the hands of the extremists
'Our people have been abandoned'-- Chaldean prelate blasts Iraqi government, Muslim leaders
In Lebanon, a major Catholic village walks its way of the cross
Missionaries pay ultimate price in confronting Ebola in Liberia
Prayer that Purifies the Heart
Vermont Priest offers 'Nazarene' bracelets to aid Iraq and Syria
In Cameroon diocese, threat of Boko Haram means pastoral care requires military protection
Middle East - "Dialogue cannot stop extremists"
Catholic Church in Ukraine is under heavy pressure
An interview on Albania with Father Don Carlo Lorenzo Rossetti on eve of Pope's visit
SPECIAL REPORT: Faith Under Siege - Iraq and Syria
Archbishop of Mosul: "Recognize genocide against Christians"
Speech by Msgr. Antoine Audo, Archbishop of the Chaldeans of Syria
Materials Purchased for the Training of Young Catechists in Lebanon
500 Mass Offerings for Priests in Costa Rica
The Catholics of Bansikar, India, Thank You for their New Church
The Story of the Kidnapped Priests
Catholic Books for an Orthodox Seminary in Russia
Complete Renovation Work on the Greek-Catholic Cathedral of Saint Basil in Romania
Support for the Training of Seminarians in the Republic of Congo
Transportation for the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity in Argentina
A Car for the Handmaids of the Lord and the Virgin of Matarà in Tunisia
Iraq--what future for Christians?
The Heart of the Sorrowful Mother
Servants to All
In Ukraine, Greek Catholic Church's 'needs are great and varied'
Patriarch Sako: 'The Christians in Iraq Are Going Extinct!"
Syria - Facing the danger of a slow death
The hundred thousand faces of suffering of the Iraqi Christians
'The longest journey of any person is the journey inward'
ISIS took everything they had--now Iraqi Christians have found refuge in Jordan
Patriarch Sako insists on the right of return of displaced Christians to their homes, farms
Iraq - Silence and passivity will encourage IS to commit more tragedies
Iraq's Christians: a Double Catastrophe
Syrian bishop cries out: 'Help my people stay'
Pope Francis answers Korea's longing for 'fatherly leadership'
Repair the Roof of a Carmelite Convent in Croatia
Construct a Parish Church in Nigeria
Help Contemplative Poor Clare Sisters in Mexico
Mass Stipends for Priests in Pakistan
U.S. Journalist Beheaded by Jihadists in Syria
"There is still hope for the Christians in Iraq, but only if we act now"
Aid to the Church in Need delegation visits Christian refugees in Iraq
Appeal to save Nineveh Plain from Jihadists
Aid to the Church in Need-USA launches $1M campaign
Christians in Sudan: second-class citizens
Gaza - Only the very courageous ones come to Mass
Iraq's Christians facing a human catastrophe
Gaza - "We need aid more than ever"
In Nigeria, the evil of Boko Haram
After the World Cup in Brazil, the bare bones of faith remain
Global Day of Prayer for Peace in Iraq
Syria - "I come to you because my people suffer"
Support for the life and apostolate of 16 Poor Clare Sisters in Colombia
Help for the training of 11 novices of the Sisters of Saint Anne in Cameroon
A joint Catholic-Orthodox summer camp for young people in Kazakhstan
A Catholic summer camp for young people in Georgia
Taking sides over Gaza
From Iraq - An urgent message from Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako
Ethiopia - "I'm going to become a priest!"
Young Christians in Iraq - To stay or to go?
Searching for peace in Gaza
Targeted intimidation: First attack on Catholic nuns in Bangladesh
Helping refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan
Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako: Christian exodus from Iraq accelerates
Iraq - Create new 'village' for people fleeing ISIS Archbishop
Renovate a Presbytery for a Parish in India
Religious Sisters in South Africa Thank You for the Car for Their Work with Refugees
Support for Pastoral Travel Costs in Russia
Help 22 Seminarians in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Help After the Flooding in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Build A Place for Young People in Ecuador to Grow in Faith and Maturity
Iraq - Urgent help for Christians fleeing Mosul
700 Child's Bibles Bring Joy to Children in Slums in the Philippines
Iraq - "We fear a civil war"
Iraq - Foreign intervention won't help
Sudan - Pressure mounting for Mariam to convert to Islam
Iraq - Christians flee as Jihadist invade Mosul
Churches bursting at the seams in Northern Iraq
Trying to help in Pakistan
Central African Republic - "Peace is still a long way away"
Catholics in Mongolia: Steady growth in difficult territory
Bosnia-Herzegovina: "Suffering unites people"
A Kitchen for a Retirement Home for Priests in Serbia
Aid for the John Paul II Family Help Center in Lebanon
Support for the Prison Chaplaincy Work of the Orthodox Church in Russia
Fund the Training of Seminarians in Brazil
Help Complete a Convent for Poor Clares in Kazakhstan
Support the Training of Novice Franciscan Sisters in El Salvador
More attacks in Nigeria
It takes courage to be a Catholic in Zanzibar
Holy Land - Preparing for Pope Francis
Caring for prisoners in Russia
"They wanted to hurt the heart of Nigeria"
More aid for Syria
Mass Stipends for Priests in Tanzania
ACN joins ecumenical effort in support of persecuted Middle East Christians
The Bannakaroli Brothers in Uganda say "Thank You" for Host-Baking Equipment
Relic of Saint John Paul II for ACN
Pope Francis to meet refugees in Jordan
The Church in the heart of Israeli-Jewish society
Iraq - A secular state would be the solution
Can I go to Syria?
Easter message from Myanmar: 'Resurrection is not just a dogma'
Syria - Hear the cries of the children
Priest murdered in Nicaragua
Catholics in Albania are delighted with their new church
Seminarians in Nigeria say 'Thank You' for a Water Tanker to Provide Clean Water
Poor Clare Sisters in Colombia say 'Thank you' for Your Help in Building a Chapel and New Guestrooms for Visitors
A Car for a Parish Priest in the Holy Land
Provide 2,500 Family Bibles in Paraguay
Help to Rebuild Four Parish Churches Destroyed by a Typhoon in the Philippines
A New Church in Madagascar Dedicated to Pope John XXIII
Help for the Construction of the Pope John Paul II Youth Pastoral Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Crimea - We are cut off
The calvary of Julienne
Priest killed in Syria
Marian shrine vandalized in Israel
Holding out in Syria
Starting over in the Philippines
A tale of friendship
52 Sick and Elderly Religious Sisters in Ukraine Thank You for Your Support
The Daughters of Our Lady in Brazil Thank You for Their New Car
A Presbytery for a New Parish in India
Support for "Youth Alive" AIDS Prevention Program in Uganda
Provide New Computer Equipment for a Catholic - Orthodox News Agency in Russia
Emergency aid for Ukraine
Publication of a Sunday Missal in Malawi
28 Priests from Kiribati Wish to Thank You for Your Mass Intentions
Support the Training of Religious Sisters in Peru
Hope and vision in Ukraine
A new cathedral for Northern Arabia
Syria - Christians are living in fear but don't want to leave their homeland
ACN to open offices in Mexico and South Korea
Kidnapped nuns set free in Syria
The suffering of Christian women in Egypt
Cruelty and Compassion in Nigeria
Ukraine - Hope, faith and solidarity in times of great change
Religious Sisters narrowly escape being raped in the Central African Republic
Construct a Guesthouse for Carmelite Nuns in Rwanda
Youth Catechesis Will Continue in Pakistan
Fund the Training of Seminarians in Belarus
Support Eastern Rite Nuns in Ukraine
Fund the Training of Seminarians in Lebanon
Catholic Ministry of the Airways Supported in Argentina
Seminarians Helped in Brazil
A Moped and 10 Bicycles for a Parish in Tanzania
Threat of famine in South Sudan
Central African Republic - Saying "No" to hatred and revenge
Pakistan - We need harmony
Is Tanzania next target for radical Islam?
Syria - Compassion in a time of crisis
Help suffering Syrians stay in the region
Building the wall in the Holy Land
A new constitution spells bright future for Egypt's Christians
Mass Stipends for Priests in Armenia
The Sisters of Saint Joseph in Kenya say Thank You for Your Help in Building Their Convent
Support a Center for Young Women and Expectant Mothers in Burkina Faso
Help Expand an Orthodox Seminary's Library in Russia
A Missionary in Brazil Says Thank You for His New Boat
Sponsor the Formation of Ukrainian Catholic Seminarians
Syria's Catholic leader makes urgent appeal ahead of Geneva peace conference
Fear and violence for minorities in Bangladesh
Daily hardship for Christians in Egypt
Fresh aid for Syrians as winter bites deep
"If Nigeria falls to Islamic extremists, all of Africa will be at risk"
Rising tensions in Bangladesh: Archbishop of Dhaka concerned about current situation
Syrian refugees struggling in Lebanon
Your Help Allows The Vincentian Fathers in Chad to Better Serve God
A Residential Hostel for Female Christian Students in Pakistan
Fund a Catholic Support Center for Single Mothers and Pregnant Women in Argentina
Benefactors Help 115 Seminarians Work for Peace in Colombia
Support for Carmelite Sisters in Poland
Renovate a Convent of the Missionary Sisters of Mary in Uganda
Sponsor the Training of Seminarians in the Czech Republic
Renovation of a Convent in India
Catholic leader calls for equal rights for Christians in India
Christmas gifts for grieving families in Syria
Syrian bishop demands the release of abducted nuns
Feature Story: Crisis in the Central African Republic
Call for help from the Philippines
Bishop calls for an end to discrimination against Catholics in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Nigeria - Amid the wealth of oil, children die of malnutrition
Pray and work for Syria's future
Feature Story: Farms of Hope - Changing lives
Renovation of a Convent for Sisters of the Blessed Virgin in Kenya
Expand a Rehabilitation Center for Drug Addicts in Russia
Support the Theology Studies of Young Religious Women in Bolivia
A Simple House for the Priest in a Remote Parish Outstation in Ethiopia
Fund a Training Course in Pastoral Communication in Trinidad
Basic support for Benedictine Nuns in Ukraine
Mass stipends for the Congregation of the "Little Flower" in India
Hope and fear for Middle Eastern Christians
Help for the Philippines
Devastation in the Philippines
One year of YOUCAT in Arabic
Syria - Death and destruction in a Christian town
After "Rio 2013", Brazil's Church is on the move
Sponsoring the Training of Priests and Brothers in Burundi
Help for the Training of Religious Sisters in Brazil
Support for the National Seminary in Haiti
Egypt after the latest violence against Christians
Funding for a Pastoral Program in Papua New Guinea
Renovate a Convent of Salesian Sisters in Ukraine
Chairs for a Church of the Carmelite Fathers in the Czech Republic
Russia - "If you want to find God, then go to the children's hospice"
A Car for a Parish in Pakistan
A House for Claretian Missionaries in Tanzania
A House for Claretian Missionaries in Tanzania
Syria's Way of the Cross
Report finds persecution of Christians sharply increased around the world
Syria - In the Muslim world, the genius of Christianity
Egypt - Overcoming the abuse of power and religion
Central African Republic - Hope for a country on the brink
Venezuela - One year after the elections
Help Construct a Pastoral Center for Migrants in Israel
The situation in Iraq has deteriorated
Build a Pilgrim Guesthouse for the Marian Shrine in Rwanda
Support Good Shepherd Sisters' Work with Girls and Women in Lebanon
Fund the Training of Novice Sisters in Burkina Faso
Renovate a Marian Shrine in Romania
The Carmelite Sisters in Kiev, Ukraine, Thank You for Your Support
Thank You for Your Help in Constructing a Carmelite Convent in Brazil
Christians in Egypt "We never know where the extremists will strike next"
Another attack on clergy in Central African Republic
Islamists attack missionaries in Central African Republic
Hardship for Syrian refugees in Lebanon
Church mourns victims of suicide bomb attack in Pakistan
New hope in Egypt
Keep the Faith in Syria
Satellite TV, not social media, was the driving force behind the Arab Spring
Central African Republic - "The situation is getting worse and worse"
Prayer for Children of War
Prayer for those Lost in War
Syria - A military intervention will not achieve anything
Prayer for Conversion of World Leaders
Prayer for Hope
Prayer of Compassion
Prayer for Relief from Suffering
Prayer for Peace in Syria
Prayer for Families
Prayer for Healing
Stop sending arms to Syria
Patriarch warns against military intervention in Syria
Egyptians of all faiths were united in expelling the Muslim Brotherhood
Zimbabwe - Election observers accuse government of electoral fraud
Christians afraid to leave their homes in Egypt
The Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King say thank you for our help for the renovation of their novitiate
Egypt - "The Islamists are taking revenge on us Christians"
Help for the renovation of the major seminary in Jos
A church for the new parish of La Fonseca
Help for the printing in Urdu of 30,000 copies of a Rosary booklet
Massacre leads to hundreds of refugees in Central Africa
We are all missionaries!
Bishop of Maiduguri in Northern Nigeria: "Boko Haram is a product of corruption"
We are all missionaries: ACN's exposition is a success among WYD pilgrims
International volunteers share the enthusiasm of World Youth Day Rio 2013 at ACN's Missionary Expo
I can't remain silent when people are being killed like flies
Rebels attacking South Sudan
Thanks for Helping to Translate the Missal into Icelandic
Bibles for a Parish in Bolivia
A Thank You for a Village Chapel in Madagascar
Renovate a Seminary in Uganda
Hope and unrest in Egypt
Egypt - Murder by the Cathedral
Egypt on the Edge
Catholics attacked in Bangladesh
Renovate a Parish Church in Ukraine
Sponsor the Formation and Spiritual Renewal of Sudanese Priests
Provide for Marian Sisters Who Care for the Needy in Bolivia
Provide Heating for Greek-Catholic Religious Sisters in Serbia
Support a Care Center for the Disabled in Georgia
Fund the Formation of the Missionaries of the Poor in Jamaica
Build a Chapel for a New Christian Village for Liberated Slaves in Pakistan
Help Bishop Antoine Feed His People in Ivory Coast
Improvements and ongoing problems in Myanmar
The struggle to offer hope and help in Syria
Illegal confiscation of Church property in Pakistan
Syria and Lebanon - Calls for peace and concerns for the future
Deceptive calm in Mali
Calling home child soldiers in Uganda
Islamists terrorizing Central Africa's Christians
An ecumenical watershed in Egypt
Fund the Printing of 300 Bibles in Arabic for Bethlehem
Promoting Peace and Reconciliation in Nigeria
Help Provided to Train Capuchin Poor Clare Novices in Mexico
Carmelite Convent Renovated in India
Sponsor the Training of Catechists in Rural Regions of Colombia
Support the Formation of Seminarians in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Insulation Provided Against Winter Cold for a Church in Lithuania
Nigeria - Government afraid of tackling extremists
Militant violence in Bangladesh
Division and hostility in Venezuela
Wall will further weaken the Christian presence in Palestine
Nigerian Bishops: Country threatened by "the twin monsters of corruption and insecurity."
Kidnapped bishops in Syria - An eerie silence
ACN is at the very heart of the Church
Appeal for archbishops kidnapped in Syria
A New Car for Mission Work in Mongolia
A Knitting Machine for Carmelite Sisters in Honduras
Construct a Chapel in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Support for Elderly and Frail Religious Sisters in Tanzania
Expand a Diocesan Youth Center in Ukraine
Enlarge a Seminary in India
Build a Parish Center in Kazakhstan
Egypt - Serious allegations following unrest in Cairo
Syria has become a battlefield
Rebels harass and plunder in the Central African Republic
Death of a deacon in Syria
Church in South Sudan mourns heroic bishop
A Vehicle for a Seminary in Tanzania
Funding the Training of Catechists in Cameroon
Support the Publication of a Catholic Newspaper in Russia
A Tractor for Parish in Burma
A Vehicle for a Children's Hospice in Russia
Sponsor the Training of Novices Sisters of in Peru
Letter reveals Pope's prayer for ACN
Pope Francis I - A gift of Divine Providence
Pakistan - Could the government have prevented the violence?
Hope for a peaceful new beginning in Venezuela
Keep the faith in Iraq
What future for Iraq's last Christians?
Construct a Monastery Complex and Pastoral Center for Capuchin Brothers in Belarus
Complete a Retreat Center in Lebanon
Christians fearful after priest is killed in Zanzibar
A Car for a Parish in Moldova
New Studios for a Catholic Radio Station in Uganda
A Boat for Pastoral Ministry in Brazil
Sponsor the Training of Seminarians in Cameroon
A Convent for Fransiscan Clarist Sisters in India
A House for Religious Sisters in Ecuador
Myanmar - Seeking peace in a warzone
New Patriarch hailed as 'Man of Courage'
Local Church leaders criticize Egypt's president
Holy Land - Common problems are bringing Christians together
Cows for a Seminary in Colombia
Support the Police Chaplaincy Service in Kenya
Help Construct a Retirement Home for Elderly Priests in Romania
A Water Purification System for a Seminary in India
A Chapel Roof for Missionaries in the Philippines
A Vehicle for a Parish in Malawi
Hungry families to receive urgent aid in Mali
Helping the helpless in Syria
Helping refugees worldwide
Remembering Father Werenfried
Rebuilding the Burnt-out House of Missionary Sisters in Uganda
A Car for a Parish in Nepal
European Union must put pressure on Egypt
Build a Youth Center in Bosnia
Support the Work of Catechists in India
Fund the Construction of a Chapel and Parish Center in Argentina
Support the Formation of Young Priests in Ivory Coast
Support "A Million Children Praying the Rosary" in Venezuela
Government attacked as exodus continues in Zimbabwe
ACN calls for prayer and solidarity
Mission Week in Lithuania
Construction of a Church in Pakistan
A vehicle for the Brothers of St Charles Lwanga
A new church at last for the village of Hathituku
Bethany in Beirut - A visit to the drop-in medical center of Saint Antoine
Prayer Intentions of the Holy Father 2012
Prayer to the Risen Christ
Prayer for Refugees and Victims of War
Prayer for Refugees and Victims of War
Fund the Training of Seminarians in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bibles in greater demand than ever in Africa
Bishop calls for peace in the Holy Land as attacks increase
Bibles desecrated by Muslim students in a Catholic school in Malawi
Come to Me
Big challenges for the Church in Ukraine
Prayer for Peace
God Alone is Enough
Prayer for the Persecuted
Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe
Prayer After Meals
Prayer to St. Michael, the Archangel
Prayer to St. Anthony
A Night Prayer
Prayer Before Meals
Prayer to St. Theresa of the Child Jesus
Morning Prayer
Prayer in Time of Illness
Prayer to St. Agnes, Virgin and Martyr
Prayer to Saints Cosmas and Damian, Physicians and Martyrs
Prayer to St. Stephen the Protomartyr
Prayer to St. Catherine, Virgin and Martyr
Prayer to St. Lawrence, Deacon and Martyr
The Our Father
Saint Francis Peace Prayer
The Glory Be
The Blessing of Saint Clare
Prayer to Our Mother of Perpetual Help
Prayer for our Beloved Deceased
The Apostles' Creed
Act of Contrition
A Prayer for the Souls in Purgatory - By Saint Gertrude
Prayer from the Discalced Carmelite Proper for the Feast of St. Elijah the Prophet
Benedictine Collect for All Souls Day
Prayer to Mary
Prayer to St. Mary Magdalene
God of Power and of Mercy
Hail Mary