A vehicle for the Brothers of St Charles Lwanga

Success Story

Today the congregation that bears the name of this young saint is engaged in running schools, educating the young and other forms of charitable and pastoral service. Since 1969 the brothers have also been present in Kenya. However, their income is very low, as is usually the case with the indigenous local congregations, since they do not have any central foundation in Europe or the United States to which they can look for support.

What the brothers most urgently needed was a vehicle, since they work in a number of different parishes, teaching in schools, and are also called out to the sick to administer the Sacraments to them. They are also involved in the vocations apostolate, which means that they visit the villages and organise a variety of programmes there, aimed at awakening young people to the call of God.

Since they had no money to buy a suitable vehicle, capable of coping with the African road conditions, they turned to ACN for help, and we responded with a promise of $26,000.Success Story

The vehicle has now been delivered. A German woman, a friend of the Brothers, who happened to be there in the diocese of Kakamega when the car arrived, wrote to us describing the scene. "The joy and jubilation was indescribable! The blessing of the car took place immediately after the evening Mass, although in fact it had already been 'blessed' by Heaven with a tremendous thunderstorm just a little earlier! I would like to thank you and all the benefactors of ACN most warmly, on behalf of all the students and brothers of the community, for providing this car, which is so urgently needed and which will doubtless be in daily use, since the school lies some way outside Kakamega itself."

This project is an example of our work. Your donation will be attributed either to this or to another similar project that accords with the pastoral priorities of ACN.

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