Help Construct a Retirement Home for Elderly Priests in Romania

Project Code: 423-01-19

1he Romanian priests who are now of retirement age stayed true to their vocation their entire lives, even when the Faith in Romania was still under persecution. They followed God's call despite threats, oppression, deception and obstruction of every possible kind. They asked nothing for themselves except the grace to be allowed to follow Jesus.

Today many of them are old, sick and in need of medical care. They need help, but their own families have in many cases either emigrated or moved far away. The presbyteries in which many of these elderly priests still live, even though they are no longer able to minister to their flocks, are generally quite unsuited to the needs of the frail and handicapped, nor do they have facilities for the kind of round-the-clock care that many now need.Support this Project

The Diocese of Iasi has decided to build a retirement home to help these elderly priests. The bishop of the diocese, Monsignor Petru Gherghel has written to ACN, saying: "This project is very important and necessary for the priests of the diocese, because hitherto there has never been such a retirement home for priests, and many of them are profoundly concerned as to how or where they will retire to in sickness or retirement. Our plan is to have the residential home open in 2013. For many of the priests (including those who have retired, but also those who are still working in the pastoral ministry) it will be a source of security for their future. That is why we are working with all our energies to get it completed. And that is also why we are turning to you for support."

The home is intended to house 18 priests. The basic structure is already complete, but help is still needed to complete the building work and furnish the home as well. The running of the home and the catering will be in the hands of the Sisters of the Institute, the Handmaids of Jesus Christ, High Priest. Each of the priests living there will contribute his own pension to help towards covering the running costs of the home.

ACN would like to be able to make a contribution of $9,600 to the project, so that these elderly heroes of the faith can soon have a fitting home in which to live out the evening of their lives. Will you help fund the completion of this retirement home for elderly priests in Romania?





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