Complete a Retreat Center in Lebanon

Project Code: 326-04-19

Until not so long ago, Lebanon was the only country in the Middle East with a majority Christian population. Over time, the proportions have changed, and Muslims now represent a majority, at 60% of the population, and more and more Christians are leaving the country, as they are throughout the region. Yet to this day Lebanon is a country with a high number of religious vocations.

The Carmelite Fathers have been present in Lebanon since 1643 and their order currently
has six monasteries in the country, with over 30 monks, more than half of whom are under 35.
These Carmelite Fathers in Lebanon are deeply committed to helping the Christian population of the country to find hope for the future. Support This Project

To this end, the Carmelite monastery in Kobayat has transformed some of its premises into a software firm, which has been able to provide some new employment opportunities for local Christians. As a result, here in this village far from the capital, Beirut, and close to the Syrian border, several dozen new job opportunities have been provided. 

But the Carmelite Fathers also want to ensure that these Christians remain rooted in their faith and in their Church, and consequently they have also established a retreat center where days of prayer and spiritual exercises can be held. The center has a chapel, three separate rooms for individual events, and 13 guestrooms with 25 beds.

Yet while man does not live by bread alone, it is important for the guests to be fed as well. Without this possibility the center could scarcely be used. As a result, a kitchen and refectory are crucially important, but both are as yet still unfurnished, since there is no money left.

The Carmelite Fathers have turned to ACN for help: they need $8,100, so that the kitchen and refectory can finally be properly equipped. Will you give to complete this retreat center in Lebanon?

This project is an example of our work. Your donation will be attributed either to this or to another similar project that accords with the pastoral needs that ACN witnesses.





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