Sponsor the Training of Novices Sisters of in Peru

Project Code: 234-03-79

They travel to places where a priest can rarely reach. In the poorest and most inaccessible regions of the country, these women religious in their blue habits share in the poverty and abandonment of the local people and bring them new hope. The Missionaries of Jesus Word and Victim are a religious congregation founded in 1961 in Peru. Today they number over 500, now working in six different countries of Latin America. They are visible, ministering angels to the poorest of the poor who have to live not only in the most difficult of conditions, but often also deprived of the consolation of the Church and her sacraments.

They travel seemingly endless distances along bumpy roads and tracks, on bicycles, on donkeys, on horseback, in primitive carts or sometimes simply for hours on foot. In some regions they can only travel by boat. Not only do they bring the people help in their concrete day-to-day needs and concerns, they also pray with them, comfort the sick and dying in their last moments, bring them Holy Communion, baptize children, conduct funerals and liturgies of the Word and give catechetical instruction. Support this Project

The Sisters find the strength they need for this tireless service under the most challenging conditions from their contemplative life of prayer. They radiate great joy and profound happiness, even though they truly share the poverty of the poorest and suffer with them in their need. They offer their lives for new priestly vocations and also for the Catholic faithful who currently have to do without the presence of a priest. 

At present there are 29 young women preparing for their vocation in the novitiate of the congregation in the Peruvian town of Caraveli. They will one day serve God in the poorest of the poor, somewhere in Latin America. ACN is helping to cover the cost of their formation with a contribution of $8,500, or $290 for each novice. Will you join in sponsoring the training of these novices Sisters in Peru? We are sure they will remember you in their grateful prayers. 

This project is an example of our work. Your donation will be attributed either to this or to another similar project that accords with the pastoral needs that ACN witnesses.  



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