A New Car for Mission Work in Mongolia

Success Story

“A new car for the missions.” This was the title of the painting competition that the Catholic children in Mongolia recently took part in. With painstaking care and love, they painted a picture of the car which, thanks to the generosity of ACN's benefactors, now brings the priests and religious Sisters to the places where the Catholic faithful live.

Not many people realize that there are also Catholics in Mongolia, a country where shamanism and tantric Buddhism are most widespread. It is only a tiny flock of some 600 faithful who currently live in this country, which has China on its southern border and Russia to the north. In area, the country is around three times the size of Montana, yet has just 3 million inhabitants, thereby making it one of the most sparsely populated countries on earth. Catholics make up just 0.02% of the population.Success Story

Not many years ago, the Italian Consolata Fathers came to Mongolia to help the people, to minister pastorally to the Catholic faithful and to establish a new mission. First they had to stay in the capital Ulaan Bator and learn the difficult Mongolian language, while preparing for their ministry in this country. Since 2006, they have been working in the province of Uvurkhangai in central Mongolia. To travel from the capital to the town of Arvaiheer, where they have established themselves, is a journey of 270 miles along a narrow and only partly asphalted road. The other towns and villages are only reached along rough, bumpy untarred dirt track roads.

It goes without saying that under such conditions a reliable vehicle is not only essential for their work but also vital to survival. The missionaries, male and female, of the Consolata family were long dependent on a second-hand Land Cruiser, but eventually this could no longer cope with the driving conditions, and the gears were causing increasing problems.

Father Giorgio wrote to ACN. "If we do not very soon purchase a new vehicle, we are going to be facing immense obstacles in our mission in this rural region, to say nothing of the danger inherent in living in such isolation without a reliable vehicle, above all in the event of medical emergencies. Since this is so important for our evangelization work, we are hoping that you will view our request favorably."

His moving words touched the hearts of our benefactors, and so now we have been able to give him $8,400 for a suitable 4x4 vehicle. Father Giorgio and his faithful send their heartfelt thanks!

This now completed project is an example of our work. If you would like to support a similar project, then please indicate the reference code below when making your donation. Thank you.

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