Support the Formation of Seminarians in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Project Code: 115-02-79

Since 1996, bloody fighting has claimed the lives of over 5 million people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, especially in the Kivu province in the east. Brutal massacres, mass rape, arson, abductions and wholesale lootings continue to this day. This conflict has most likely cost more human lives than any other since World War II.

One of the driving forces behind this ongoing tragedy is the unbridled greed for mineral resources, as this is a region rich in copper, uranium, cobalt, zinc, tungsten, tin, gold and diamonds. Some 80% of the world's entire resources of coltan are found here. On account of its high heat resistance and conductivity, this metal is now an essential element in the production of computers, mobile phones, and space satellites. The control of these resources brings immense wealth and power, and human lives count for little or nothing in such a conflict. Support this Project

In the midst of all this, Catholic priests and religious are sharing the sufferings of the people, persevering along this bloody Way of the Cross and helping in whatever way they can. Some of them have already given their lives.

Yet despite this, or perhaps precisely because of this courageous witness, many young men are still prepared to follow the call of God. In the theology seminary of Saint Pius in Murhesa, there are 89 candidates studying in the hope of one day being ordained as priests and working as good shepherds to their people. In addition to a sound academic formation, the seminary attaches the greatest importance to the spiritual formation of these future priests, and emphasis is placed on prayer, personal contemplation, Eucharistic adoration and sacramental confession.

Without financial support, the seminary could not take in or provide this formation to the many young men who feel called to the priesthood. And so it is no surprise that ACN has been regularly helping towards the formation of these seminarians.

The rector of the seminary, Abbé Crispin Bunyakiri Mukengere, writes, "Your help enables us each time to complete the academic year normally. Without this support we would be totally blocked, or would simply be forced to cut short the academic year."

This year ACN is once again helping for the seminary with a contribution of $9,500. Will you join us in helping these 89 young men complete their path to the priesthood? We are sure they will remember you gratefully in their prayers.

This project is an example of our work. Your donation will be attributed either to this or to another similar project that accords with the pastoral needs that ACN witnesses.  


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