Provide Heating for Greek-Catholic Religious Sisters in Serbia

Project Code: 449-05-19

Since 1986, the Handmaids of the Blessed Virgin Mary have had their provincial house in Ruski Krstur in the Vojvodina region of northern Serbia. "Our provincial house is the center and heart of our Province of Saint Joseph," they tell us. It was originally a spacious house with plenty of room to accommodate meetings, conferences and other events, both for young girls and for women religious.

But with time the duties of the Sisters have become ever more extensive. Not far from the provincial house is a retirement home for the elderly which did not have many places available. As a result, more and more lonely, elderly woman came to the Sisters, seeking accommodation and care. Each year the numbers grew, so that it became necessary to build new rooms. Support this Project

At the same time, the Sisters' own community was growing. While this was a happy development, it also presented the convent with practical problems, such as space becoming increasingly cramped inside the house. This led to the building being extended a second time. And this positive development led in turn to its own problem, because while now there is more space available, the original heating system was only designed for the size of the original building. As a result, the new rooms cannot be adequately heated.

To make matters worse, the heating system itself is not in good shape, and repair work has met with only limited success. The Sisters now can see no way around the need to install a completely new heating system.

"That is why we are seeking your financial help," writes Sister Veronika Anna Graljuk, "and counting on your understanding and kindness, so that together with you we can provide support and dignified care to the elderly people under our roof and help them to prepare in peace for eternal life with God." We are hoping to help with a contribution of $7,300.  Will you join in helping to provide heat for these Greek-Catholic Religious Sisters so that they can better help elderly women and others in Serbia?

This project is an example of our work. Your donation will be attributed either to this or to another similar project that accords with the pastoral needs that ACN witnesses.  


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