Support Good Shepherd Sisters' Work with Girls and Women in Lebanon

Project Code: 326-05-39

Ever since 1981, the Good Shepherd Sisters in Sehaile have been caring for girls from broken homes in Lebanon. At present, some 50 girls and young women, aged between six and 18 years, are being helped and cared for in the home they run. Many of these young women are victims of physical, psychological and sexual abuse. Not a few of them have grown up on the streets and have already had experience of crime and drug abuse. Some have parents who are themselves addicts or alcoholics, while others are single mothers who have been abandoned by the father of their child and have seen no other way of surviving except through prostitution.

There is no industry in this region and very little chance of employment. Many of the families here are already refugees, having fled here from other countries where they faced an even bleaker future. Many are refugees from Syria, Africa, Iraq or other parts of the world. But their families have been unable to find security or good jobs here in Lebanon and have consequently been unable to establish the new life that they had hoped for.Support this Project

The Sisters care for each one of these girls individually. It requires a great deal of time and devotion to engage with all their individual problems and needs. The difficulties range from problems in school to various kinds of trauma and social problems. Many of these young women have never experienced an orderly family life. The girls need a stable home, where they can experience a sense of security and emotional support and find someone who will listen to them. They need help to cope with their schooling or vocational training, and many also need psychological counseling.

The Sisters already have their work cut out dealing with these various duties, yet at the same time they still have to support themselves. We want to help them with their basic living needs, so that they can devote themselves to caring for their charges. We have promised them financial support of $8,500.  Will you give to support these Good Shepherd Sisters in Lebanon in their work with girls and women in need?

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