Renovate a Marian Shrine in Romania

Project Code: 423-08-19

In the Romanian Diocese of Timisoara, the Church faces major challenges. With the collapse of communism around the year 1990, the majority of the ethnic German inhabitants living here left the region and emigrated to Germany or Austria. As a result, many parishes were left empty and many had to be closed. Yet those who remain behind still retain a very strong bond with the Church.

Today, some 120,000 Catholics still live in this region, but the parishes are scattered across a wide area. The 80 priests who minister to these Catholics have to travel a great deal to celebrate Holy Mass in the various towns and villages. Since there is little in the way of public transport, it is difficult for most of the Catholic faithful to reach another church if there is no Holy Mass in their own home town. As a result, every priest celebrates Holy Mass between three and four times each Sunday.Support this Project

For the Catholic faithful, the greatest event of the year is the pilgrimage to the Shrine of Maria Radna, where Our Lady of Mount Carmel is venerated. This pilgrimage has been documented for the past 300 years. In fact, throughout the summer, from the Feast of the Ascension until the Feast of the Holy Rosary on October 7, a succession of pilgrimages takes place. "Every parish has its own day of pilgrimage," reports Bishop Roos, adding, "The pilgrimage to Maria Radna is the high point of the year for the faithful. They experience the communion of the faithful and return strengthened to their parishes."

Since 1990, various Protestant sects from America have been coming to Romania, too, but the people in this region tend to be resistant towards them. "The people will not abandon their community," says the bishop. There is no doubt that the veneration of Our Lady plays a great role in this.

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