Renovate a Convent of Salesian Sisters in Ukraine

Project Code: 438-05-19

The port city of Odessa, with its population of some 1.3 million people, has always been something of a melting pot of cultures. People from close to 100 different ethnic groups rub shoulders together here. This vibrant city on the Black Sea has been the home of numerous famous personalities from the world of art, music, sport and science, among them the world renowned violinist David Oistrakh and the writer Isaak Babel.

Until 1991, Russian was the official language in Ukraine, and still today many people speak a kind of Russian, which reflects many influences from other languages, such as Yiddish, Bulgarian and Turkish. The people of this port city have in the past had a reputation for a carefree southern lifestyle and a particularly open attitude to life. Support this Project

Unfortunately, Ukraine has been particularly hard hit by the world financial crisis. Many people have lost their jobs, and salaries and pensions are far too low in the face of constantly rising prices. Many people are now living on the breadline.

All the sad consequences of these things are evident in Odessa, too. Today there is widespread youth crime, prostitution and drug addiction, and the AIDS rate is rising alarmingly. At the same time, the sects are flourishing widely.

There are Catholic religious Sisters here, however, who are trying to do something to confront this unhappy situation and bring fresh hope to the people. The Salesian Sisters have been in the city ever since 1993. They care for young people, provide religious instruction for adults and children, help the priests in the parish and give shelter to needy female students in their own convent. Their work is more than ever necessary today.

At present there are three Sisters working in the apostolate in Odessa. With the help of some kind people they have managed to purchase an ancient apartment, but they do not have the financial resources to renovate it. All they have managed to do so far is to paint the walls, without doing anything to the building itself. But there is an urgent need for renovation, and so they have now turned to ACN. We are hoping to be able to help them with $7,500. Will you give to renovate this convent for Salesian Sisters in Ukraine?

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