Renovation of a Convent for Sisters of the Blessed Virgin in Kenya

Success Story

"God bless you for your generosity!" writes regional Superior, Mother Giovanna Moraa. The Sisters of the Blessed Virgin, whose congregation was founded in 1610 in the Italian city of Cremona, have been active in Kenya for almost 50 years. They teach in the schools; they work in orphanages, kindergartens and hospitals, including as midwives; they assist in the pastoral work in the parishes; and they proclaim the Good News through the media.

The Sisters' work at their convent in the Diocese of Kisii is difficult. The roads are practically impassable; the people themselves live in great poverty, and inflation is rampant. The Sisters certainly have their hands full.Success Story

They also found themselves facing another problem, in that the convent they had lived in for 48 years, and which also served as the formation house for their new vocations in Kenya, was becoming increasingly run down and in need of renovation. The roof was leaking and the walls were developing cracks. In desperation they turned to ACN for help for these urgently needed renovations.

Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, we did not disappoint the trust of the Sisters and were able to help them with $20,900 to cover the most urgent renovation work.

Says Mother Giovanna Moraa, "We assure you of our profound gratitude and our prayers!"

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