Support the Theology Studies of Young Religious Women in Bolivia

Project Code: 211-05-79

The Diocese of El Alto, high in the Andes mountains, is happy to witness a growing number of young people who wish to become involved in the Church. In the face of an increasingly complex society, it is important that these young peoplereceive a sound and solid formation, so that they can fully devote themselves to the challenges of the New Evangelization. Consequently there is a need, not only for the men, but also for the young women, to study theology. Support this Project

Evelyn Bernales Fuentes, who is responsible for the formation of these young women, writes: "Nowadays, the educational and health care systems tend to be in the hands of governments, who have experts, trained to address the needs in these areas. However, there are very few "experts" capable of addressing the spiritual needs in society and of supporting people, not merely psychologically, but also showing them the face of God, the Lord of History, who accompanies every step of those who feel lonely and lost and who have sought, in a thousand different ways and to the point of exhaustion, to fill their constant emptiness in the society in which they live."

ACN is helping with a contribution of $7,900, so that the 20 female students in their propedeutic year and the 24 others in the higher years can pursue their studies in theology. Will you join in supporting the theological studies of these young women in Bolivia?



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