Fund a Catholic Support Center for Single Mothers and Pregnant Women in Argentina

Project Code: 209-07-39

The babies snuggled in the arms of these young women could so easily not be alive today. For many of these mothers, today so proud of their children, were firmly resolved to rid themselves of their babies by abortion. For although abortion is in theory, with few exceptions, illegal in Argentina, in practice it is not so difficult, where there is a will, to find a way.

The fact that these young women changed their minds is above all thanks to the Catholic Gravida, or "pregnancy" Center, established first in 1989 and today based in the city of San Pedro in the Diocese of San Nicolas de los Arroyos, along with 30 other branch centers in 19 of the dioceses of Argentina. It supports pregnant women and helps them to decide for their child. Support this Project

Those girls and young women who inadvertently become pregnant especially need comfort, care, and understanding. Many are terrified about their future and many already come from families where violence and lack of love prevail. Some are victims of sexual abuse who feel worthless and insecure. In most cases the father of the child has refused all responsibility. To decide to care for a child alone in such circumstances is a challenge that seems beyond their strength. The helpers at the Gravida center support them and let them know they are not alone.

Altogether there are over 440 of these helpers, most of them volunteers, but carefully trained, staff, together with 20 priests and 38 diocesan and parish coordinators who are on hand to help the girls and women in every possible way,  by listening to them, counseling and strengthening them, by supporting them pastorally and psychologically. At the same time, they can offer these young mothers-to-be the chance to learn basic skills so that they can later support themselves and their babies. Many learn to sew and knit; others learn how to bake and decorate cakes, so that one day they can earn a living.

Those who wish to do so can be given instruction for reception of the Sacraments and for the baptism of their baby. Those girls and women who have nowhere to go are given accommodation and support, along with their children. One of the most important objectives is not simply to provide practical and material help to young or expectant mothers but also to help them understand that they themselves have a real and special dignity as mothers and that their children, right from the moment of conception, are an infinitely precious gift of God.

Another aspect of the center's work is the visits to schools by its staff. Here they can help young people, who often come from damaged and broken families, to understand what motherhood and fatherhood really mean. They tell them about the value of life and explain to the pupils exactly what abortion actually entails.

The Gravida center now wants to extend its work still further so that it can help yet more such pregnant women. Every human life is of priceless value, yet in order to support these mothers-to-be in such difficult situations, money is also needed, in addition to sensitivity and loving support. We would like to help with a contribution of $7,200.Will you join in funding these Catholic support centers of single mothers and pregnant women in Argentina?

Progress: 15%
Progress: 15%
Raised: $ 1090     Goal: $ 7200

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