Renovation of a Convent in India

Success Story

The Rosarian Sisters in the Convent of Saint Teresa in Koithoorkonam, in Kerala, southern India, are happy now. At last, thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, they can once again sleep in peace, for finally the rain no longer pours in through the many holes in the roof. Before that, the water had so badly damaged their dormitory that the walls were in danger of collapsing. The Sisters were afraid even to sleep there, but they had no other choice. Success Story

Still worse, given the unsanitary and dangerous conditions in the convent, the congregation could not even accept new vocations, although many young women continued to knock at the door of Saint Teresa's convent, seeking admittance. There was also a lack of basic sanitary facilities and, on top of this, many of the Sisters are elderly and in some cases bedridden, since here in Saint Teresa's they care for the elderly and infirm religious from many other convents of the Rosarian Sisters in India.

The Sisters appealed to ACN for help. They wrote: "For us, ACN is our sure hope. We have consecrated our lives to Christ and His Kingdom. Through our prayer and our life, we bring people close to His Kingdom. It is a service for which we receive no support. We do it for the glory of God and the salvation of mankind.”

“We work hard to support ourselves. The elderly and sick Sisters can no longer work hard, however. The best and the most important thing they can do is to offer their prayer and adoration before the Eucharistic Lord, day and night, as they do in strict rotation. I hope you will understand the situation in which we find ourselves. We entrust this project to you in confident hope and with aching hearts.”

How could these words not find a response in our own hearts? Thanks to the generosity of you, our benefactors, we were able to help with a contribution of $11,000 so that these Sisters could renovate their convent in India. We are sure they remember you in their grateful prayers.

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