Construct a Guesthouse for Carmelite Nuns in Rwanda

Project Code: 145-06-19

The Convent of the Carmelite Sisters in Nyamirambo, on the outskirts of the Rwandan capital Kigali, is a place of silence and prayer. Again and again people are drawn to this atmosphere, wanting to spend a few days withdrawn from the world and so find their way closer to God again. More and more priests, religious and laity are requesting the opportunity to make retreats here.

The Carmelite Sisters are not in a position to accommodate many visitors, however, for they simply do not have the capacity and, thanks to the happy circumstance that they have many vocations, they need all the available space for their own community. In order to resolve the problem, in 2011, the Sisters began to build a separate guesthouse with 24 rooms. Support this Project

The convent is situated in a beautiful spot on the hillside, with a view of Mount Kigali and Mount Rebero. It is a perfect place for their visitors to find rest and renewal, in body and in spirit. The center will also provide some employment for local people, such as being cooks and cleaners, giving them an opportunity to supplement their family income. And for the Carmelite Sisters, the guesthouse will at the same time be a precious and much-needed source of income.

The first phase of the construction work has already been completed, thanks to the help of ACN. But now the Sisters need more help in order to be able to complete the work, and they written to us, saying "The Child Jesus is urging us to turn to you in trust and seek your help."

We have no doubt that our benefactors will not disappoint these good nuns, and so we have already promised $9,900.  Will you help us fulfill this promise so that these Carmelite Sisters can complete the work on this oasis of peace and prayer in Rwanda? We are sure they will remember you in their grateful prayers.

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