Fund the Training of Seminarians in Lebanon

Project Code: 326-02-79

Lebanon is one of the pillars of Christianity in the Middle East. Until relatively recently, it was the only country in the region that still had a Christian majority. However, today Christians make up barely 38% of the population. But despite the falling representation of Christians in the population, the many seminaries and theological universities in the country still remain extremely important well beyond the boundaries of Lebanon itself. For they are largely responsible for training the priests for almost the whole of the Middle East, and above all for those countries where state repression makes it impossible for the Church to train her priests in their own home country itself.Support this Project

A few years ago the rector of one Lebanese seminary explained to us, "The Church in Lebanon needs help from outside. However, in return it helps others also. From a missionary and spiritual perspective we, the Lebanese Church, receive help from those outside; however, all this help only strengthens our own spirit of openness. We behave as Jesus has taught us: 'freely you have received, therefore freely give." Today our young people are becoming increasingly aware in regard to this spirit of missionary openness, and they are becoming increasingly willing to serve the Church, not only in Lebanon, but also outside, in the countries of emigration and in the missions."

At present there are five young men in the Diocese of Baalbek who are preparing at various different seminaries of the country for their ordination to the priesthood. The situation in this diocese, which covers an area of over 1,000 square miles and which already suffers great poverty, is particularly critical today. Its geographical proximity to Syria makes the situation very unstable, and the people here are afraid. Those who are able are in many cases already leaving the country and seeking better fortune abroad, in Australia or Canada. Others are moving away to the capital Beirut. Only a strong Church that has the capacity to help her faithful spiritually, pastorally, socially and economically will be able to check this mass emigration, and young and soundly trained priests play a crucial role.

Bishop Simon Attalah has a particularly profound concern for the future priests of his diocese and he is more than happy with the feedback he is getting from the seminaries and universities where these young men are preparing for their priestly ministry. We have promised to continue supporting his seminarians this year, with a contribution of $8,300. Will you help us fulfill this promise to fund the training of seminarians in Lebanon?

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