Publication of a Sunday Missal in Malawi

Project Code: 135-08-89

"Since the Holy Mass is the heart and soul of the Church, we do not need to explain why this project is so important for these three dioceses." These were the words of Bishop Martin Anwel  Mtumuka, who wrote to ACN seeking support for the publication of a Sunday Missal in Malawi.

Some 80% of the 14 million inhabitants of Malawi are Christians, with roughly a quarter of the population being Catholics. In this nation of southeast Africa, many different languages are spoken, though there are two especially significant languages. These are Chichewa, which is used in the liturgy in six dioceses, and Tumbuka, which is spoken in two of the Malawian Dioceses and in the northern part of the Diocese of Chipata in the neighboring country of Zambia. Work is now beginning in the Diocese of Karonga on the translation of a Catholic Missal in the Tumbuka language, so that it can be used in the liturgy in the dioceses concerned.Support this Project

The Church has her hands full in this region. In the Diocese of Karonga there are just 14 priests to minister to close to 65,000 Catholics. They have to travel long distances in hilly terrain in order to reach the Catholic faithful. It goes without saying that in such conditions the pastoral care provided can never be sufficiently intensive. Traditional pagan practices and belief in witchcraft are still widespread, even among Catholics. On top of this, there is a proliferation of Pentecostal groups and sects. Hence it is vitally important to strengthen and deepen the Catholic faith among the baptized.

"This project should help to deepen people's understanding of the Liturgy," says Father Joseph Sikwese, the priest responsible for the publication of the missal. He added, “Many people still go along after Holy Mass to the Pentecostals.” So when the missal is finally published, it will go hand in hand with an ongoing educational program by means of which the priests, altar servers, church choirs and catechists will be able to deepen and expand their knowledge of the Faith and their understanding of the liturgy.

ACN is helping with a contribution of $11,100. Will you help Father Sikwese and Bishop Mtumuka publish this Sunday Missal in Malawi? We are sure they will remember you in their grateful prayers.

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