Support the Training of Religious Sisters in Peru

Project Code: 234-05-79

When, at the request of Pope John XXIII, Father Werenfried van Straaten, the founder of ACN, visited Latin America for the first time, towards the end of the 1950, he was horrified at what he saw. In his diary he wrote: "Lord Jesus Christ, I have come from afar to speak to you on behalf of the poor. On the way, I have taken to my heart the needs of the millions. Permit me to say, Lord, that what I have seen in Latin America is a scandal!"

After his return, he resolved to extend the help of ACN, which until then had been concentrated mainly in Eastern Europe, to include Latin America. From then until now, ACN has funded innumerable projects on this continent, not least in the country of Peru.Support this Project

In this country it is religious Sisters in particular who devote themselves, heart and soul, to serving God in the poorest of the poor. But they need our help to be able to go out, not only with full hearts, but also with full hands, to the people.

One of the religious communities that we support is the Congregation of the Canonesses of the Cross. It is a local congregation founded in 1919 which today has convents not only in Peru but in Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Italy and Albania as well.

Wherever the Sisters go, they strengthen the local communities, touching the hearts and minds of the people. Their special charism is the new evangelization, which they implement through catechesis and the humble service of others.

As a native Peruvian congregation, the Canonesses have limited financial resources. And so, while it is wonderful to know that the congregation is flourishing and that many young women are wishing to join it, at the same time it is facing real problems in that the young Sisters and novices need a sound and solid training.

Sister Sandra Gálvez has therefore turned to ACN, asking our financial support for the training of 41 of her novices and 31 of the younger professed Sisters who have so far taken their temporary vows. We have already promised them $9,100. This will be sufficient to cover the costs of their teaching, books, writing materials and travel expenses. Will you give to support the training of these religious Sisters in Peru? We are sure they will gratefullly remember you in their prayers.

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