Provide New Computer Equipment for a Catholic - Orthodox News Agency in Russia

Project Code: 427-00-69

It is hard to love what we do not know. Ignorance can lead to misunderstandings, and misunderstandings in turn to problems that could have been avoided. A "dialogue in love and truth" between Catholics and Orthodox can only come about when the misunderstandings and prejudices on both sides that spring from such ignorance have been cleared away. Support this Project

To achieve this there is a need for objective information, information that is most easily spread via the modern media. Initially, such collaborative ecumenical media work was something quite new and consequently quite a challenge; but now, thanks to the commitment of the staff, both Orthodox and Catholic, who have together committed themselves to the service of this apostolate, it has become a firmly established institution that is helping to promote and give a voice to Christian values in society generally, as well as providing information within the various Christian communities that helps both sides towards a better mutual understanding.

One such project is the ecumenical news agency Blagovest Info in Moscow. It provides balanced news coverage of a range of Christian subjects and has already made a name for itself both in Catholic and in Orthodox circles in Russia. Indeed, many other news agencies now refer to Blagovest Info when they report on the Catholic or Orthodox Church in Russia. In this way the agency has established itself as an important player within the Russian media landscape.

Among other things it publishes exclusive interviews with senior Catholic and Orthodox figures. For example, Cardinal Kurt Koch gave an interview to the agency shortly after his appointment as President of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Unity among Christians.

But now the agency’s computers and other technical equipment are outdated, making its work more difficult. ACN has stepped in and promised $6,700 for the necessary new hardware. Will you join in supporting this joint Catholic-Orthodox news agency in Russia?

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