A Car for a Parish Priest in the Holy Land

Project Code: 321-01-29

The tomb of the patriarch Joseph, one of the most sacred places of Judaism and a place of pilgrimage for Christians, Muslims and Samaritans as well is located in Nablus, the largest city in the Palestinian Autonomous Territories. This city, 39 miles from Jerusalem, has almost 300,000 inhabitants and is today a center of trade and industry. Soap and candy are made here, and the average age of the population is young, with over half of the people under 20 years old.

The majority of the inhabitants are Muslims, but there are also some 650 Christians in Nablus, of whom 250 are Catholics. Father Johnny Abu Khalil ministers not only to the Catholics living in the city itself but also to those in 3 sub-parishes, as well as a local Catholic school.Support this Project

A car is an absolute necessity for this priest to be able to cope with his many duties. Unfortunately, last winter, his car caught fire and was completely burned. It has not yet been established just how this fire was caused, but the fact remains that he now has no car. And while the Latin patriarchate of Jerusalem has temporarily given him the use of a car so that he can continue his apostolate and minister pastorally to the faithful, the car is also needed elsewhere, so Father Khalil urgently needs a car of his own.

Father Khalil has turned to ACN for help, and we have promised to help him with a contribution of $7,500. Will you give so that he can purchase a new car to help him continue his ministry to the faithful in the Holy Land?

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