Provide 2,500 Family Bibles in Paraguay

Project Code: 233-04-89

Paraguay is a very Catholic country, with some 87% of its close to 6.5 million inhabitants professing the Catholic faith. Almost half of all young people are involved in one Church group or another, such as local parish youth groups. The Church also maintains numerous schools.

The Salesian Fathers are very active in youth work. They run 25 schools nationwide, with over 15,000 students, plus an additional six youth movements with some 400 youth group leaders, and twelve social centers, including soup kitchens and daycare centers, in which some 5,000 children from the poorest families are cared for. Twenty years ago the Salesians also set up the first center for street children in the country.Support this Project

The Salesians always strive to combine their social and charitable work with pastoral outreach and religious education. Since most people in Paraguay are very open to faith, the opportunities they offer are very much welcomed.

Now there is a plan to involve the parents more closely in the work of the 25 schools run by the Salesians in order to strengthen the education in the faith not only within the schools but also within the families. To this end the Salesians want to purchase 2,500 copies of the Family Bible and extend their Bible courses to include the parents as well. ACN is helping for this with a contribution of $8,600. Will you join us in giving to provide Family Bibles in Paraguay?

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