Help 22 Seminarians in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Project Code: 115-02-79

A call to be "shepherds living with ‘the smell of the sheep,’ shepherds in the midst of their flock, fishers of men": this was the message of Pope Francis to his priests in his homily for the Chrism Mass on Holy Thursday 2013.Support this Project

Such are the kind of priests that Bishop Fridolin Ambongo, the apostolic administrator of the Diocese of Kole, would like to see in his own diocese. To help make this a reality, he wants the young men who are currently preparing in the seminary to one day serve as priests and true shepherds of their people not only to receive a good academic training but also to get to know the reality of life in the parishes. Consequently, each of his 22 seminarians is to engage in a one-month practical experience in one of the parishes of the diocese.

Here they will be able to experience firsthand the life and the cares, the needs and the perplexities of the faithful, so that when they do become priests they will know to whom they have been sent. At the same time, the bishop is hoping that, through this contact with the seminarians, other young men will be encouraged to discern and follow a vocation to the priesthood or religious life in their own lives.

To cover travel expenses and all the other things that these 22 young men will also need for this practical stage, Bishop Abongo has turned to us for help, and we have promised him $8,200. Will you give to support the training of these future priests in the Democratic Republic of Congo?

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