Renovate a Presbytery for a Parish in India

Project Code: 317-01-19

There are some 26,000 people living in the village of Kuwakhera, in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. They belong to various different religious communities and social castes. Many are casteless Dalits, while others belong to the lowest castes. Most of the people are extremely poor and only very few can read or write. The families live in bad conditions, with poor health and hygiene, and many are bond laborers in the fields of the big landowners, utterly dependent on them and at their mercy. They have no voice and no rights of their own. The situation of the women is particularly difficult.Support this Project

In the Catholic Parish of Our Lady, there are three priests and three religious Sisters who strive to help the local people, ministering to the pastoral and material needs of the faithful. They visit families regularly, helping and advising them and supporting them in their need however they can. They also help the children to gain an education. "Most of the children are very good at school," says the parish priest Father Lyju Gautam, proudly.

But the most important thing is the pastoral apostolate, and it is never too soon to begin catechesis. One of the Sisters runs a group of "Friends of the Child Jesus" which has over 40 children in it. "We want to provide the children with a solid foundation for their faith," says the parish priest.

The Sisters also care especially for the women, who until now were scarcely aware of their own dignity before God. Daily Eucharistic adoration, the Rosary prayed with the families and an intensive catechesis all form part of parish life. The major feast days are celebrated by the Catholic faithful with such beauty and fervor that even the Hindus and Muslims also want to take part and share the experience.

There is one serious problem, however: the presbytery is in a state of severe disrepair and so is in urgent need of renovation. In two or three years, it will be uninhabitable. But the presence of the priests among the faithful is vital and is at the heart of all this active parish life and life of faith. Father Gautam has turned to us confidently for help, and we have promised him $7,500. Will you help him renovate this presbytery so that he can continue to serve the poor and the faithful in India?

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