700 Child's Bibles Bring Joy to Children in Slums in the Philippines

Success Story

The joy and excitement of the children seemed as though it would never die down. Father Eduardo de Haza was finally handing out the long awaited gifts: 700 Child's Bibles in the national language, Tagalog. And it was all thanks to the generosity of you, our benefactors.Success Story

Caloocan-City has a population of 70,000 and forms part of a gigantic slum in the wider urban area of the capital city, Manila. The people live crowded together in makeshift tin huts and survive principally by sorting and gathering trash.

Theparish is a lively one, and each year over 1,300 young girls and boys prepare for their First Holy Communion. There is also a children's choir, a group of the "Little Friends of Jesus," a Mass server’s group, and many other groups besides. The Child’s Bibles are a welcome addition to the catechetical work of the parish.

Father Werenfried van Straaten, the founder of ACN, once wrote of children such as these: "God is the friend of these little ones. The emotion we feel when we discern in their eyes a glimmer of the lost Paradise is no more than a pale reflection of what the Lord experiences when He sees the purity of His own being, reflected in their untarnished souls. They are fresh as spring blossoms and clear as the morning dew. His delight is in them. That is why He does not want us to prevent these little ones, to whom the Kingdom of Heaven belongs, from coming to Him."

So now, thanks to you, here in Caloocan-City in the Philippines, 700 Child's Bibles are helping to lead poor children to Jesus.

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