A Catholic summer camp for young people in Georgia

Success Story

Thanks to our donors, this year more than 800 young people will have the chance to grow in their faith at a summer camp in Georgia.

Only 1% of the 4.7 million inhabitants of Georgia are Catholic. As a tiny minority, local Catholics work hard to live and share their faith, and Catholic holiday leisure activities are an important element in religious education here. Bishop Giuseppe Pasotto, who is the Apostolic Administrator for the Caucasus region, in fact, regards these activities as one of the most important ways in which the Church can be involved in this region. Through them, the children and young people, who in many cases have only very little contact with a Catholic parish, can get to know the life of the Church more intensively than if they were to stay at home. Support this Project

Prayer and religious instruction, shared leisure activities such as simple theatre performances and dances prepared by the children themselves, the showing of films about young saints who can serve as good role models for these young people, are all part of the daily program. But even the simple fact of living close to nature can have a beneficial impact on these children, many of whom come from difficult and deprived family backgrounds. In addition,  the program also includes excursions, such as to the biggest waterfall in the country, or to a local lake.  The holiday camps are extremely popular and there are always more applicants than there are places available.

Thanks to your generosity, Aid to the Church in Need has made a contribution of $32,660, so that 500 children and 300 young adults can take part in the holiday camps for this year and grow in their faith. 

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