Iraq: Teaching the Faith, even in time of war a program for 20 parishes in Baghdad

Project Code: 319-01-49

No matter how difficult life has been for Christians in Baghdad since 2003, the Church still strives to keep teaching the Faith and to continue helping children and young people. Amidst the crisis and persecution, the local Church needs to feel she is part of the universal Church, and she can do this best by passing on the eternal truths of the faith to the next generation, a generation that will hopefully be able to make its own contribution in the future to a peaceful coexistence among all the religions in Iraq.

Every Friday–the Muslim day of prayer–the various Christian communities provide religious instruction for the faithful. There are no fewer than 20 large and small Chaldean communities which organize such instruction. Many of their communities are in the most dangerous areas of the city–although in the current unstable situation, people are in danger everywhere and at all times.Support this Project

In order to reduce the danger to children, both they and the catechists have to be collected safely from their homes in buses and brought to one of the eight larger and nine smaller centers, and then afterwards driven home again. Just keeping one such bus going costs between $150 and $300 a month, depending on the size of the bus. This results in a total cost to the parishes each year of $45,000 for bus transport alone. And funds are also needed for teaching materials and books, at a total cost to the parishes of some $5,000 annually.

The Christians of Iraq need all the help we can give them–above all in the present situation–if they are to remain in their own homeland and live their faith daily. And so we were happy to promise a contribution of $9,900 for this project. Now we are counting on your support to help us make good this promise. Can you give to support the passing on of the Faith in Iraq?



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