Honduras: Provide Religious Sisters with the Basics of Life

Project Code: 225-05-39

She is young, she works full-time–and yet she still does not have enough to live on. Ruth Nohemi Martinez is 29 years old and since December 2010 she has been a religious Sister in the Community of Our Lady of Guadalupe in San Francisco, in the Department of Atlántida. She is one of 23 religious Sisters working in the Diocese of La Ceiba on the northern Caribbean coast of the country.Support this Project

Most of these nuns are active in the pastoral and catechetical field. They look after children, young people and adults, providing religious instruction in the kindergartens and schools, preparing children for their First Holy Communion and young couples for the sacrament of matrimony. In many of these parishes the parish priests simply could not cope without the help of these parish Sisters. At the same time, many of the Sisters are also active in charitable and social work. In their work with young people they run crèches, help the children with their homework, provide lunchtime meal service for the poorest children, care for the young people in the country areas and provide psychological and pedagogical counselling. And other Sisters work in old people's homes and hospitals and in the apostolate with mothers and women.

The range of their work is enormous–but there is one thing that all these Sisters have in common, and that is the fact that the little money earned by just some of the Sisters for their work is not sufficient to support their communities. Without the help of generous donations from outside this precious and richly blessed ministry of theirs would be impossible. ACN has always helped these Sisters and will continue to do so this year as well–with a contribution of $9,800.

Bishop Michael Lenihan of La Ceiba writes to say: "We thank you with all our hearts for your precious support, which is helping us to spread the Good News in our diocese."

Will you now give so that the apostolate of religious like Sister Ruth in Honduras can continue? We are sure the Sisters will gratefully remember you in their prayers.


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