Kenya: "We can only celebrate Mass here once every three months" A car for pastoral work in the Catholic Parish of Mb

Project Code: 130-01-29

The Parish of Christ the King in Mbara, one of 28 parishes in the Diocese of Kitale, is extremely isolated. It can only be reached by rough tracks, since there are no properly constructed roads. In bad weather, in fact it is not possible to navigate them safely–a fact that Father Bertrand knows only too well.

The infrastructure in general in Mbara is inadequate, to say the least. "There is no health care provision, no communications network, no road system and no electricity. All the villagers depend on the priest for their basic necessities. It takes me four hours to reach the town. Only a vehicle with four-wheel-drive can cope with the steep track leading to the town." So writes Father Bertrand W. Kundu, the parish priest.Support this Project

At present, Father Bertrand derives a small Japanese car that has already seen many years of service. It is the only car, far and wide, in fact. Mbara has a population of 15,000–and not one person has a car! Only once every three months do the 2,000 Catholics in the town have the privilege of attending Holy Mass, since it is so difficult for Father Bertrand to get to them. He is also very much involved in the peace work of the Catholic Church in Kenya, which has set up a network with other parishes close to the border, in Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia.

ACN is hoping to be able to help Father Bertrand with a contribution of $8,600 in order to provide him with a strong and solid vehicle. Can you help us help him reach his people in Kenya?


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