Support seminarians training for the priesthood in Tanzania

Project Code: 154-02-79

In the Archdiocese of Tabora, in central western Tanzania, there are 35 seminarians waiting for your support. Without it, they cannot continue their studies or be ordained to the priesthood.

Tabora is one of five archdioceses in Tanzania, established in 1953 by the White Fathers, already working in the area since 1878.

The Archdiocese has 23 parishes and 51 priests – too few for Father Kibobera Makona, the priest responsible for the vocations apostolate in the diocese. Support this Project

"Of the more than 2 million people living in the archdiocese, some 450,000 are Catholics. Muslims are a majority in this region,” wrote Father Makoa. “The reason why there are so few parishes is the shortage of priests. In fact, many parishes have actually had to be closed down for this reason. We have so much to do and we need priests," he emphasizes. Not surprisingly, he rejoices all the more at every candidate who feels called to the priesthood and is admitted to train for it.

The 35 major seminarians currently training here need our help, since living costs have risen in Tanzania and the archdiocese cannot afford the full cost of their training.  In Tanzania, this training lasts a total of nine years (in the first year, there is work in the archdiocese, then three years of philosophy, four years of theology and then a pastoral year, working in the parishes). Currently, there are 13 seminarians in the philosophy years and 20 in the theology years, while two seminarians have completed their pastoral year and have now been ordained as deacons.

ACN has promised a contribution of $8,200.  This sum will cover the upkeep and studies of the seminarians for one year! During this time it is expected that 14 young men will be ordained to the priesthood.   "While the diocese is seeking ways to fund the training of these future priests, we appeal to your generosity to help us for the support and formation of these seminarians," writes Archbishop Paul Rusoka. With your help, they will indeed succeed!



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