Two Village Chapels for a Parish in India

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The Parish of Unai was founded almost 55 years ago by Spanish Jesuits. It is situated in an area of the Diocese of Baroda in the northwest of the country, where there are many members of the ethnic minorities. The priests, Sisters and lay catechists work very hard to support the people. By now the parish includes 28 villages, in 24 of which most people are already baptized, while in the remaining four there are many more people preparing for Baptism.

The Church is still young here, but despite this, the people have a strong faith and they play a very active part in the life of the parish. Success Story

The villages all have small chapels where the people can gather to pray. However, most of them are already around 30 years old and built of the most basic materials – mud, cow dung and bamboo – they have become very dilapidated over the course of time. There are cracks in the walls, and the monsoon rains come pouring through the roofs, while the foundations are also weak. Not surprisingly, therefore, their parish priest turned to ACN for help to build new chapels in two of the villages.

Thanks to the prompt and generous response of our benefactors, we were able to help with a contribution of $17,100. Now the two villages of Mahuva and Kapadian have been able to witness the consecration of two beautiful new chapels. Both villages celebrated with a big feast. One of the chapels is dedicated to Christ, the King of Kings, the other to Mary, Mother of the Redeemer. In each of the villages the day of the consecration was commemorated with great festivity, with a solemn Holy Mass, processions, Eucharistic Adoration, the Holy Rosary and solemn hymns – and not least with a shared festive meal. All the people of the neighboring villages were also invited.

Father Lazarus D’Souza wrote to us, saying: “It was an unforgettable occasion in the lives of the children and also for the more elderly members of the villages. It was the fulfillment of a long-cherished dream for them. God has been good to them. The people of the village praised God for His wonderful deeds – and they are also very grateful to ACN for your generous support.”

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