How you helped a priest with a car in Israel

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Father Elie Namour certainly has his hands full. The 210 families of the Melkite Catholic Parish of Our Lady of the Annunciation live scattered among the various quarters of the city of Jerusalem. And there are others, too, who he has to visit in the various towns of the Palestinian autonomous territories. Success Story  How you helped a priest with a car in Israel

The distances are immense, and the journeys take up a great deal of his time.But in a region such as this, from which more and more Christians are emigrating, it is vital for the priests to be able to devote themselves intensively to ministering to their faithful.

Father Elie Namour had turned to ACN for help, because his old vehicle was breaking down more and more often, and the repairs themselves swallowing up increasing sums of money while at the same time costing him a great deal of time that he would otherwise have been able to devote to the work of pastoral care.

Thanks to you, our benefactors, we were able to help him to purchase a new car, with $16,900 Euros. Now he and his faithful want to say thank you for your generosity!

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