A new chapel for a village in Cameroon

Project Code: 113-01-19

The Parish of Saint Monica in Touroua, northern Cameroon, is a thriving and growing one. In Koza II, a village belonging to the parish, there are already 250 baptized Catholics and another 350 catechumens preparing for baptism. Among the villagers are many migrants who came in search of fertile land from areas still further to the north of Cameron or even from neighboring Chad, and they are helping the Christian community to grow.

A new chapel for a village in Cameroon

At first the people built a simple chapel of bare wooden stakes, thatched over with grass. But now it looks as though a strong gust of wind could simply knock it over, and the entire construction is unfit to serve the faithful as a chapel in the long term. And so, at the cost of many sacrifices, the people have been working to build a new, more permanent chapel. The walls are already standing, but what is still missing is the roof.

Father Ludwik Stryczek writes to us: "We would like to have some protection, when we pray, from the sun or from the downpours of the rainy season. We would be most grateful if, thanks to you, we can succeed in our plan to build this house of God. You may be assured of our prayers."

We have promised him $5,700. Will you join in supporting Father Stryczek to build this new chapel for the faithful in Cameroon?



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