Help for the training of priests in Ukraine

Project Code: 438-04-79

The city of Uzhhorod, located in the Greek Catholic eparchy (diocese) of Mukachiv in the West of Ukraine, was the first city in Ukraine in which a new seminary was built after the political changes in the country. There had been a seminary here since before the Soviet era, housed in the city castle, but it had been expropriated by the communists and the rooms were eventually given to the university. Even after the fall of communism, the space was not given back to the Church.

Help for the training of priests in Ukraine

ACN has been supporting this seminary for over 20 years, right from the beginning. It is named after the martyred Bishop Theodor Romzha, who was murdered in 1947 and later beatified, in June 2001, by Pope John Paul II during his visit to Ukraine. ACN provided funds for the construction of the seminary and continues to help every year for the formation of the seminarians.

Currently there are 84 young men here, training to serve the Lord at the Altar, and this year ACN has promised $57,200 – in other words $682 for each seminarian – so that they can continue their formation throughout the year.

Will you give to support these future priests in Ukraine? We are sure they will gratefully remember you in their prayers.


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