A car for religious Sisters in a poor region of Northeast India

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For more than 50 years now the missionary Sisters of Mary, Help of Christians, have been working in the north-east of India, the poorest region of the country. It is a place where many ethnic minorities live, and this entirely Indian congregation, founded in 1942 in the state of Assam, has a broad apostolate.

The Sisters work above all with women and young girls, who are often victims of violence and even human trafficking. They also teach the children in village schools and run boarding homes so that the children from the remote and inaccessible villages can also have the opportunity to attend school. In addition, they run "mobile clinics," going out into the villages and treating the sick there. They care for the elderly, orphans, street children and the handicapped, minister to the sick and at the same time instruct the people in the Catholic Faith. A car for religious Sisters in a poor region of Northeast India

The second oldest mission station of the congregation is situated in Golaghat in the Diocese of Dibrugarh. It is here that the Sisters have been working for over 50 years now. The mission station has 33 outstations, serving some 8,000 Catholics. There are nine Sisters working here.

With the exception of the eldest Sister, who is now 87 years old, all the other Sisters until recently had to walk on foot to the often distant villages in order to carry out their apostolate. But this took a great deal out of the Sisters in terms of time and energy, and in addition some of the Sisters suffer from various health problems, so making these long journeys on foot yet more difficult. Besides, the journeys are dangerous, and in the twilight wild elephants often come very close to the villages.

The congregation turned to ACN for help. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to offer them a contribution of $9,100.

Sister Mary Sebastian has now written to thank us: "The Sisters were overwhelmed with joy when I brought them the good news from you. Thank you! We don't know how to express our joy to you all.”

“Needless to say, we have promised you our prayers, and we are keeping this promise. Every Friday we have Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament, which we offer for every single one of you."


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