A Car for an Apostolic Prefecture in Mexico

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"We give endless thanks to God for His generosity, which is always revealed in so many generous human hearts, and we would like to thank ACN for having helped us in our needs.”

These were the words of Bishop Josè Armando Alvarez Cano, who has written to thank all the benefactors of ACN who by their generous giving enabled the Church in the Apostolic Prefecture of Huautla to obtain a car for its pastoral work.

A car for the apostolic prefecture of Huautla

The prefecture serves an area of great poverty. The 130,000 or so inhabitants belong above all to the indigenous groups. Over two thirds of them do not even have enough to eat, and very few of them can even provide for the basic needs of their families. As a result, many are leaving the region and moving away into the towns and cities, where they often end up stranded in the misery of the slums.

There is an immense need for practical charitable help and pastoral support here – but the Church faces enormous challenges, since there are too few priests and many of the people live in remote and inaccessible villages in the mountains. When it rains, many of the roads turn into vast mud pools. The prefecture was urgently in need of a suitably rugged vehicle, simply in order to be able to reach the faithful in the first place, and thanks to our benefactors we were able to provide a grant of $25,000 so that a car could be purchased.

Bishop Alarez Cano made sure to say in his letter of thanks: “We pray to God for you all, and we commend ourselves to your prayers also."


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