Restore a Church and other Buildings Damaged or Destroyed by the War in Syria

Project Code: 330-08-19

Quseir was once an important strategic town in Syria. Not very far from the city of Homs, but still close to the border with northern Lebanon and the route through to the Bekaa Valley, during the fighting for control of Quseir, almost all its 60,000 inhabitants – Christians and Muslims alike – fled the city. Restore a Church and other Buildings Damaged by war Syria

Once there were 5,000 Greek Melkite Catholics living here. Some 40 of them were murdered and another eight remain unaccounted for to this day. The town was liberated two years ago, on March 20, 2013. And yet 80% of the houses in Quseir are either destroyed or uninhabitable. Of the 750 Christian families who once lived here, just 340 have now returned, after the Syrian army recaptured the town.

Now the bishop wants to repair some of the essential structures of the Church here, including the church, the parish house, the catechetical center, parish center and some other religious houses.

This repair work is essential in order to prevent further decay of these properties, and above all to send a signal to the ordinary faithful. The visible rebuilding and the revival of Church life are the best way of reassuring the people and encouraging them to return to their former homes to live.

ACN has promised to help with a contribution of $9,900. Will you give to help restore a church and other buildings damaged or destroyed by the war in Syria?


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