Support the Training of 25 Young Religious Sisters in India

Project Code: 317-05-79

The first members of the congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross of Chavanod arrived in India in 1886. Today, these religious Sisters are present in 16 different centers in six different dioceses. They teach in the schools and run residential homes for children from remote villages who would otherwise be unable to attend school. There are also active in catechesis and in health care; they look after handicapped children and are involved in development work among women from the poorest families. For example, they help widows and unmarried women to earn a living and support themselves independently. Support the Training of 25 Young Religious Sisters in India

The selfless witness given by these religious Sisters through their loving service of the poor is at the same time the best way of preparing the ground for new vocations. Currently the congregation has 25 young Sisters who are preparing to take their permanent vows.

Generally speaking, the young Sisters who joined the congregation are themselves from poor villages and belong to ethnic minorities living in the region. Many of them have received no proper school education and consequently have a great deal of catching up to do academically. At the same time, they also need to acquire a professional training and the necessary skills in order to be able to work competently and effectively as teachers, social workers, catechists, and nurses etc. And in addition to this, of course, there is also their spiritual formation in religious life.

We have promised $8,700 for the three-year formation of these 25 young religious Sisters. Will you help us fulfill this promise to support new religious Sisters in India? We are sure they will gratefully remember you in their prayers.



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