Help for the Formation of 24 Seminarians in Brazil

Project Code: 212-02-79

The Archdiocese of Feira de Santana is situated in north-east Brazil, a region marked by widespread rural poverty and prone to drought. Many people are leaving the land and moving into the big cities in the hope of a better life. But they are often disappointed, and many prove to be an easy prey to the sects. As a result, it is vitally important for the Catholic Church to have as many soundly trained priests as possible so that she can minister pastorally to her people. Help for the Formation of 24 Seminarians in Brazil

Archbishop Itamar Vian is naturally particularly concerned about priestly vocations, and consequently he is doing a great deal in his archdiocese to encourage young people to think about following the call of God. At the same time, he is doing everything he possibly can to ensure the best possible training for the young men already studying for the priesthood in his diocesan seminary. He therefore attaches great importance to the ongoing formation of the seminary teaching staff, in whose hands the training of these future priests lies.

Unfortunately, given the general increase in prices, the cost of training the seminarians is also rising constantly. ACN has in fact been supporting this seminary for many years already, and this year they will again need our help for the 24 young men who are currently training for the priesthood here.

Once again the Archbishop is knocking on our door and on the hearts of our kind benefactors. He thanks us for all our past help and writes, “We are hoping we can always count on your friendship, support and solidarity.” We have no intention of disappointing his trust, and so we have decided to help him once again this year, this time with a contribution of $9,200. Will you give to support the formation of future priests in Brazil?


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