Construct the Saint John Paul II Parish Church in Cuba

Project Code: 216-01-19

This month Pope Francis will be traveling to the island of Cuba. This makes him the third successive Pope to travel to this Caribbean island, and this fact is seen by the Cuban bishops and faithful as a great gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church – since every visit here by a Pope is a sign of hope that change is possible. Construct the Saint John Paul II Parish Church in Cuba

So it was that, even before the historic visit by Pope John Paul II to Cuba in 1998, there had been some signs of a degree of opening towards the Catholic Church on the part of the Cuban state. More processions and other public religious events were being allowed. And for the papal visit itself the regime even provided some logistical support for the Church. All of this represented a marked improvement in the situation of the Church in this country, which had been dominated for more than half century by a Marxist regime.

Nonetheless, it was still seen as something of a breakthrough when last year the Cuban President Raul Castro actually granted the Catholic Church a plot of land on which to build a new church in honor of Saint Pope John Paul II.

The location of the new church will be in Reparto Bahia, a suburb in the eastern part of the Cuban capital, Havana. For many years now well over a hundred Catholic faithful have been meeting here on Sundays for Holy Mass. The place where they meet bears the somewhat imposing name of “Casa de Misión,” or “House of Mission.” However, in reality it is little more than a ramshackle shed.

The new church to be built here will also have a separate Chapel of Adoration, in addition to the main church. There will be an open hall as well, providing space for various different events. ACN is committed to supporting this project with a contribution of $9,900. Will you help fund the construction of this Saint John Paul II parish church in Cuba?


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