Build a Catechetical Center in Brazil

Without a pastoral center, there is a real danger that many young people in particular could turn their backs on the Church and end up on the streets or in criminal gangs.

The Parish of Saint Anthony in Tefé, in the federal state of Amazonas in Brazil, was established in the year 2007. It includes three smaller communities with chapels in the town itself, plus an additional three communities in the surrounding rural area, outside the town. The parish is in the care of the conventual Franciscan Fathers. Build a Catechetical Center in Brazil

The Church in this area faces major challenges. There is a great shortage of priests, and there are numerous sects attempting to woo away the Catholic faithful. It is also an area of high social tensions. The members of the sub-parish of Our Lady of Fatima are particularly active, giving the priests strong support in their social and pastoral work. This help is important above all in the youth work, for many young people are easy prey to the drug dealers and pimps.

Given these conditions, the parish wants to build a pastoral center where it can above all bring in children and young people off the streets. The parish is already very active in this work and in addition to the catechesis and other religious activities also offers music lessons, for example, so that the young people can learn guitar or keyboard and so spend their time purposefully. At the same time they can also contribute to making the liturgy more beautiful with their music making. The parish is also committed to helping handicapped people to find work and to supporting families in need. They have a psychologist available, once a week, to help those in need of counselling.

Having a pastoral center is important so that these activities can be better organized and coordinated. Otherwise there is a real danger that without this opportunity many young people in particular could ultimately turn their backs on the Church and end up on the streets or in the clutches of the sects or criminal gangs.

ACN has promised to support the work on this catechetical center with a contribution of $19,200. Will you help us fulfill this promise so that this parish can flourish and better meet the needs of the people in Brazil?

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