A Car for a Parish in Pakistan

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The Diocese of Multan covers an area larger than the size of South Carolina: over 38,000 square miles. The territory of the diocese has a population of some 7.5 million people, of whom only a small minority of 200,000 are Catholics. The diocese is divided up into 18 parishes, which in turn serve very large areas. The great majority of the people are very poor, yet, as Bishop Benny Mario Travas writes, “rich in their Catholic faith.” They are very close to the Church and practice their faith with joy. Success Story:  A Car for a Parish in Pakistan

The priests are tireless in their travels, visiting their widely scattered faithful, celebrating Holy Mass with them and administering the Sacraments. The Parish of Khaneval, for example, has 14 additional outstations, some very remote from the center of the parish. Father Asif Malik has to celebrate five Masses each Sunday in different places, some of which are in the exact opposite direction from others. At Easter and Christmas, and during Holy Week it is all but impossible to reach every center in time. In addition to his work in the parish, its young priest also teaches in the seminary of Multan.

But unfortunately, last year, one of the priests had an accident in the car that Father Malik also uses. It was a miracle that none of the people involved in the accident were hurt, but the car itself was worth little more than scrap. And without a car, pastoral work in this area is simply impossible.

That is why Bishop Travas turned to ACN with an urgent appeal for help. Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, we were able to give him $10,400 so that a new car could be purchased and the faithful still reached in this poor diocese in Pakistan.

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