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“May the Lord richly bless your efforts to do good and help those in need!” These were the words of Carmelite Sisters in Croatia. Thanks to your generosity, ACN was once again able to help these religious continue in their life of prayer and faith.

Last year the Carmelite order celebrated the 500th anniversary of the birth of St. Teresa of Avila who, together with St. John of the Cross, reformed the Carmelite Order and brought it back to its roots. In 1970, she was the first woman in the history of the Church to be declared a Doctor of the Church.

This great Spanish saint is known for her words about prayer: “In my view, prayer is nothing more than a conversation with a friend, with whom we often and gladly meet together in private, in order to speak with him, because he loves us.” Around the world, numerous Carmelite Sisters and Brothers still live in this friendship with God today. Help for Carmelite Sisters in Croatia

For more than 25 years now, ACN has been supporting the Carmelite Sisters in the Convent of St. Joseph in the Croatian town of Breznica Djakovacka. Today, the convent has 27 Sisters who live in strict enclosure and devote themselves totally to prayer for the needs of the whole world.

Two years ago, thanks to the generosity of you our benefactors, we were able to help the Sisters with $22,200 so that they could repair the roof over their terrace, which was leaking badly. As a result of this, the damp was penetrating into the fabric of the building in the floor below, causing damage not only to the structure itself but also to the health of the Sisters, a number of whom are now elderly and in poor health.

At the time they wrote to us, saying “We know that the economic crisis is biting almost everywhere in the world and that there are many people knocking at your door, seeking help, but we are hoping ‘against all hope’ (Rom. 4:18), as St. Paul says, that the Lord, who knows our plight, will supply us – through you – what we need for our life and our work.”

Their hopes were not disappointed, for, thanks to your generosity, we were able to help, and the repairs have now been carried out. The Sisters wish to express their heartfelt thanks for this aid.

These Carmelite Sisters continue to be dependent on us for their basic support. Croatia was able to join the European Union in July 2013, but living costs continue to rise for the Sisters, despite their modest lifestyle. As a result, once again this year we are helping the Carmelite Sisters in their life and ministry, for which we have promised a contribution of $9,000.

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