A New Roof for the Church of Our Lady of Consolation in Zambia

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“When this disaster befell us, my heart was almost broken. I did not know where to turn. I thought of all the people around our mission station, looking on despairingly. But your help has brought the Christian life back to our mission.” These were the words of Father Kennedy Musekwa, who sent a letter of thanks to ACN and our benefactors for the help he received in repairing his church in Zambia. a new roof for the church of Our Lady of Consolation

Two years ago, the Catholic faithful of the Parish of Our Lady of Consolation in Lwawu were devastated when torrential rainfall completely destroyed the roof of their church. Their community, in Zambia‘s North-Western Province, not far from the frontier with Angola, simply did not have the money to repair the roof from their own resources. This is an underdeveloped and neglected region where there is widespread poverty. The people love the Church, and their own parish church is the heart of their community, but the cost of replacing the roof was simply too high for them to contemplate.

Fortunately, thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, we were able to come to the aid of the parish. Initially, we gave $4,800 for the new roof and then, when that proved insufficient – since the steel roofing members had to be transported from miles away – we gave another $2,200.

Now Father Musekwa can say, “Today we can once more worship God in our church. Every time I enter this church, I ask God to bless all our benefactors. I am humbled by this gesture of love. On behalf of all the people, I give you my heartfelt thanks.”

“May the name of the Lord be praised!”


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