A Minibus for a Formation House for Future Priests in Brazil

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The Priestly Institute of the Incarnate Word was established in 1984 in Argentina and is present in many other countries today. Since 1998, one of its formation houses has been situated in the city of São Paulo, in Brazil. In this vast city of some 12 million people, with its glaring gulf between rich and poor and its growing problems of violence, the presence of priests and religious is a veritable blessing for the people. A Minibus for a Formation House for Future Priests in Brazil

The Fathers run all kinds of services for children, young people and adults and are profoundly committed to their apostolate. They care for and accompany the families pastorally and are there for everyone who needs them. Thankfully, their ministry is bearing real fruit, for many people have returned to the Church after having turned away from the Faith and stayed away for years from Holy Mass and the Sacraments.

At present there are 13 young men training for the priesthood in the formation house of the community. One long-standing problem for the community has been the fact that they have had no vehicle at their disposal, even though these young religious have to travel to all different parts of the city to carry out their programs and popular missions. At the same time the young novices have to travel once a week, as part of their training, to attend lectures at the diocesan seminary, and there are many other activities, such as retreat days and pilgrimages.

The public transport system the seminarians have used is normally time-consuming and inadequate, but now, thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, we have been able to give them $23,700, with which they have purchased a minibus. It is now helping these young priests and religious to devote themselves still more effectively to their apostolate and their formation.

Our grateful thanks to all who have helped us help these future priests in Brazil!

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