Poor Clare Sisters in Bosnia and Herzegovina Thank You for Your Support

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“Your help means a great deal to us. Many thanks for all the good you have done for us all. We would like to repay you by praying that our beloved Lord may always help and bless you!” This is what the Poor Clare Sisters of the Convent of Saint Clare in Brestovsko wrote to thank our generous benefactors for having supported them once again last year.  Poor Clare Sisters in Bosnia and Herzegovina Thank You

Their convent was established in 1989, in what was then still Yugoslavia. At the time, four religious were sent from Split, in what is now Croatia, to establish a new convent in the territory that is today Bosnia and Herzegovina. The community has since grown to 8 Sisters, who live a life of poverty and seclusion and unceasing prayer in the convent enclosure.

The Sisters support themselves in part by baking hosts. It was a particular joy and privilege for them to be able to provide the hosts that were used for the Holy Mass that was celebrated by Pope Francis in June 2015 in the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo. Moreover, on this special occasion the Sisters were allowed, exceptionally, to leave their convent enclosure and travel to Sarajevo to participate in the Holy Mass with the Pope.

The baking of hosts alone is not sufficient to assure the support of the Sisters, despite their very modest way of life. That is why, thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, we sent them $2,500 last year to help them make ends meet.

Our heartfelt thanks to you all!


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