A Vehicle for a Remote Parish in the Mountains of Malawi

Success Story

Thanks to your generosity, Father Fredrick Chinkhoma can reach his people again. ACN was able to provide the $21,500 needed to purchase a new car. Now Father Chinkhoma can more fully serve his large, mountainous parish in Malawi.

His Parish of Saint Paul is one of the largest parishes in the Diocese of Blantyre and lies in a mountainous area, close to the frontier between Malawi and Mozambique. It includes more than 32 outstations and 190 smaller communities. Most of the villages in the hills here are remote and difficult of access, and in the rainy season the dry and dusty tracks turn into slippery rivers of mud. A Vehicle for a Remote Parish in the Mountains of Malawi

Father Chinkhoma has made it his goal to visit every village at least once a month. But a short while ago his 25-year-old car finally and irrevocably gave up the ghost. Undeterred, he continued to try and visit the mountain villages using a moped. Then he had an accident; he broke his hand and the doctor forbade him from riding the moped any longer. This left him desperately needing a safe and reliable vehicle, robust enough to cope with the challenging conditions, in order to be able to continue to provide his priestly ministry.

Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, he is now able to make use of this vehicle. The Catholic faithful in his parish are also delighted, since he can now visit them more frequently than before. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped!


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