Extend a Retreat Center in Belarus

Will you help Father Pawlukiewicz complete this retreat center in Belarus so that more people can find new life in Christ?

The village of Ros in the Diocese of Grodno has been a special place for centuries. There is an image here of the Suffering Christ that has been revered for 400 years and which still draws many Catholic faithful seeking graces from God – and in many cases also receiving them. Many needs have been entrusted over the years to Christ, and many people have experienced healing of body or soul or gone away comforted in their cares. Among other things, many childless couples have come here, who have suffered for many years and now been granted the grace of finally becoming parents. Support this Project in Belarus

In recent years Ros has become a place of pilgrimage for Catholics from all over the country. This is above all due to Father Czeslaw Pawlukiewicz, the charismatic parish priest, whose retreats here now attract thousands of people each year. There have been many conversions, many people seeking and finding help in their difficulties, many succeeding in shaking off their addiction to drugs or alcohol or the occult and growing in a living relationship with Jesus Christ. For many, this has been the beginning of a new life.

The Catholic Church is also involved in a state-run program intended to combat the high rate of suicide in the country. Through this inner renewal and the experience that God is truly working in their lives many people are now finding a way out of their despair and hopelessness.

Currently there are no proper accommodations in the town either for these pilgrims or for the people taking part in the retreats. At present, most have found accommodation in the houses of the local villagers. Now Father Pawlukiewicz has begun work on converting a building – a former school and later a library – into a retreat center.

ACN has already helped with $163,100 and has now promised a further $21,800 to enable the completion of the extensive renovation work.

Will you help Father Pawlukiewicz complete this retreat center in Belarus so that more people can find new life in Christ?


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