The Suffering Church

Why Does God Allow Us to Suffer?

By Father Hugh Barbour, O. Praem.
Here is surely the most common question anyone ever asked about life. The answer to this question is both deep and demanding. Our Lord Himself, experiencing the most complete abandonment in His human feelings cried out “My God, my God why have You abandoned me?”

The psalms which the church prays daily from morning to night all around the world repeatedly ask this question in various ways, and indeed it was from Psalm 22 that the Savior was praying the words just quoted to express the depth of His painful passion.

It is true that suffering is the result of sin, but it is very important for us to see suffering in its deepest meaning if we are not to get a wrong impression of God’s work in the world. What is this deepest meaning of suffering? Read more of "Why Does God Allow Us to Suffer?"

Stories of the Suffering Church
To truly comprehend the suffering undergone by faithful around the world, we must undertake to witness their stories. Click on the title links below to read stories of our suffering brothers and sisters.
Assisting Refugees

Catholic priest stabbed in Mexico Cathedral
Father Miguel Ángel Machorro, who was stabbed Monday evening, May 15, at the main altar in Mexico's Metropolitan cathedral, is hovering between life and death, according to a press release issued in the cathedral itself.

Earthquake in Ecuador "We have no hands, no means to rebuild the country"
In the small Ecuadorian village of Canoa hardly any houses were left standing by the earthquake on April 16th. This quiet fishing village, with its wonderful seascape, colorful houses and small population now looks like a battlefield.

Five Prayers to the Holy Martyrs of the Early Church
Devotion to the Holy Martyrs has always been a distinctive mark of the Christian faithful.  From the earliest ages of the Church until the present their witness to Christ has inspired believers to honor their tombs and to trust in the power of their prayers before the throne of God.

The catacombs attest to this in ancient times, and in our own time John Paul II named the century just passed a “century of martyrs.”  Let us go to them then with confidence praying for all the Church in need throughout the world and for our own needs at home.
  The Suffering Church Worldwide

Map Suffering Church

Reports on 5 Regions Around the World

"...Churches in the Middle East are threatened in their very existence...May God grant ACN strength to help wherever the need is greatest."
— Pope Benedict XVI

 Click on the above regions to understand more about the suffering and persecution of faithful, country by country.

5 Prayers to the Holy Martyrs
of the Early Church

Prayer to St. Stephen, Protomartyr

Prayer to St. Agnes, Virgin
and Martyr

Prayer to Saint Lawrence,
Deacon and Martyr

Prayer to Saints Cosmas and Damian,  Physicians and Martyrs

Prayer to St. Catherine, Virgin and Martyr