Projects In Need

"In the name of God and on behalf of countless of our brothers and sisters who have experienced the consolation of your love, I thank you!  For the light which burns through the faith in your souls is reflected in your good works.
—  Fr. Werenfried van Straaten

These projects urgently need your help. Please click on individual projects to view them or to donate to a specific project. Or, if you wish, make a donation now for wherever the need is greatest.

Children Pope

Support the Formation of 16 Young Novices in Ukraine

Help Holy Spirit Fathers with their Pastoral Work in an Underdeveloped Region of Ethiopia

Pastoral care for Poor Christian Couples and Families in Pakistan

Support 38 Religious Sisters Serving the Poorest of the Poor in Argentina

A Car for the Only Bishop in Nepal

Support for the Life and Pastoral Apostolate of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus Word and Victim in Cuba

A Pilgrimage to Fatima for 15 Young Russian Catholics

Sponsor the Training of Future Priests in Madagascar

Bicycles for 30 Catechists in Ethiopia

Extend a Retreat Center in Belarus

A Chapel for a Parish in Argentina

Help for the Training of 46 Seminarians in Ecuador

Convert a Building into a Monastery in the Czech Republic

Two Classrooms for Catechetical Instruction in Togo

Construct a Church for a Parish in the Philippines where Christians are a Minority

Gifts made to these featured projects represent a gift to these or similar projects within their respective categories (Formation, Spiritual Literature, Transportation, Construction of Churches, Aid to Refugees, Care for Religious, Mass Offerings, or Evangelization).  If we receive your gift after a project is already funded, your donation will fund similar projects wherever the need is greatest. We use your gifts where they can do the most good by pooling them with others to help bring God's Love and Hope to those in need around the world. 

Your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.